The Nexus Prime isn’t the only superphone making headlines at the moment. Motorola has its own announcement coming just a day before Google’s, and it’s expected to reveal the DROID RAZR (AKA the DROID HD or DROID Spyder) along with Verizon in New York City on the 18th. Boy Genius Report has yet another tipster with the inside line on the new hardware, and it’s certainly worth a look.

According to the anonymous tipster, the DROID RAZR will feature a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and a full gigabyte of RAM, making it “faster than the iPhone 4S”. That’s a hard claim to quantify considering the OS difference, but it certainly holds true from a hardware perspective (not that that’s anything new with high-end Android phones). The screen will be a standard 4.3 inches, much like the qHD screens already seen on the DROID X2 and DROID BIONIC. The device will be the “thinnest LTE phone to date”, a claim that certainly appears possible, considering some of the leaked photos we’ve seen. Both the Nexus Prime / Galaxy Nexus and the DROID RAZR are rumored to be on hand at Verizon right now.

The shot at the iPhone 4S might be specious, but in any case, the DROID RAZR looks like it’ll be a tough competitor on Verizon, meeting or beating the best of the current smartphone lineup. It’s hard to say how long that will last with Samsung’s Nexus Prime so close at hand, but as always in the Android world, choice is a good thing. Check out the promo video for the upcoming Motorola/Verizon event for some suitably speedy imagery:

  • Anonymous

    iPhone 4S is faster than Samsung Galaxy S II running on 1.5GHz Qualcomm Chip with 1GB RAM so what difference the 1.2GHz chip will make.

    • better in term of graphic performance. Please read carefully from your source. 

      • Anonymous

        where is it written in terms of graphic performance. I read on TechzTalk that A5 is better than any other ARM chip available on market today, both in graphics and CPU performance. They had posted Sunspider benchmarks, GeekBench and few other benchmarking results.

    • Nathern22

      Thought the sII was 1.2 ghz

  • Any doubt