Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Numerous anonymous tipsters are crying that the rumored December 9th release date for Verizon’s long, long, long-awaited Galaxy Nexus is now invalid, and there’s no news on a revised release date. This comes weeks after the flagship Ice Cream Sandwich phone was released in the UK and other markets, and Americans eager for a taste of Android Ice Cream Sandwich are growing furious at Verizon’s tongue-tied non-launch.

To be fair, Verizon still hasn’t committed to any sort of date for the Galaxy Nexus. You’d barely know that they were planning a release at all, since the only official indications they’ve given so far are a blank page and a sentence in a PR report. The LTE version of the phone made surreptitious appearance at a New York Verizon event before being unceremoniously yanked. Despite reports that the phones themselves are appearing in Verizon stores and other locations, There’s no word from Verizon confirming any date, though internal documents had (until today) set December the 9th as the retail launch.

Let’s get down to brass tacks here: this is a crappy way to treat your customers. Thousands of people are chomping at the bit to give Verizon money, many of them at the ridiculous full retail price of the phone, and they continue to say nothing, spouting promotions for NFL apps all over Twitter and Facebook. The DROID XYBOARDs and White RAZR were announces yesterday, and no one’s been waiting for those for weeks. The absolute least they could do is give some concrete information on when to expect the Galaxy Nexus. Alas, that appears to be too much to ask.

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  • Anonymous

    I quit…T-Mobile here I come. Sorry Verizon, get your s#*t together. 

    • Aaron Mars

      @@J2_Droid:disqus : You can get an unlocked G Nexus for $749 from expansys.  That’s $50 cheaper than Verizon’s unlocked price… unbelievable!

      • Anonymous

        true indeed, i bought mine from clove technologies, i spent around $730 all together. It just came in today! Its an amazing device!

      • Ehodge2025

        Is it worth all this crap. Seriously? I have grown tired please tell me it will be worth it

      • Anonymous

        O it will definitely be worth it my friend. And you wont have to wait much longer . I know youve heard this a million times, but i have a buddy that works at verizon, and before i told him i got the gsm version , he was going to grab me a verizon version and hold it for me. Well he texted me today and asked if i still wanted it because they were coming in really soon. All in all, i kniw itll be way worth it for you to wait. Its so close.

  • Aaron Mars

    I’ll say it one last time.  I fear Verizon is actively trying to kill this phone.
    They have some sort of exclusive, that much is obvious.  Rather than using this period of exclusivity to sell as many as possible, they are ruining the brand’s name (such as it is, admittedly) by staying quiet, dicking around with the release and promoting other phones over it.

    They hate that it does not have the normal crap-ton of Verizon-branded bloatware (just a small amount, apparently).  Don’t even get me started on the Google Wallet thing.  They are, frankly afraid of what the Nexus line and the iPhone line represent to their bullshit business model.

    It’s as if they took it in the ass from Apple and accepted the iPhone totally clean and now they’re feeling violated and angry.  So they take it out on Google.  The last thing they want is to be an enabler for two more innovative companies to compete on their turf… a turf where the carrier is becoming more and more irrelevant.

    After all that Verizon bashing, I have to make sure I blame Google just a bit for being so complacent.  It’s obvious that they don’t have the same leverage as Apple and can’t play hardball as much, but… damn.  Do they have to bend over so easily?  I really do fear that the struggling Nexus brand might be harmed quite badly after this.  I wonder if it was worth getting into Verizon?

    • Agreed. They are scared of Google Wallet and the Openness of this device. They are trying to make everybody buy something else.

    • As an impartial journalist, I cannot endorse this inflammatory, unsubstantiated and completely accurate comment.

    • Yes how could i have missed the Razr i was so busy looking at the nexus but now that its delayed i can have the Razr and all 27! Verizon apps yay me! 

  • It’s still not as bad as the Bionic saga, but VZW seems to have a lot of trouble with bringing new platforms to market.  Handsets that are incremental improvements on existing devices appear to fare better, but totally new ones stumble a lot.

    • Anonymous

      It’s getting pretty close to it though..

      • Clayton Jones

        Its not close yet, but if the phone doesn’t release this year it will be far worse!

  • odroid12

    I have been following this release for months and updating google searches every 20 minutes… I just  called VZW they said no date for the galaxy nexus but she seemed to know more than she shared (called 4 other times earlier this week and they seemed very honest with me about not knowing).

    I then called Costco…they said Friday without a doubt, she was positive….call your local stores and see what they tell you…I hope the delay is just a rumor, I cannot deal with my original droid anymore!

    Yes, Costco could be wrong and didn’t get the memo yet but it’s something to keep my hopes up. Just wanted to share.

    • Clayton Jones

      Talked to my local Verizon rep Tues. he said def. a Friday release. Called again yesterday, (diff. person) said that it is no longer a Fri. release and they no longer had a release date.

      I take this two ways.

      First-Everyone is lying now and they want it to still “surprise” us when its available Friday.

      Second-Something actually happened that did in fact cause the (unofficial) release to be pushed back….possibly the LTE outages?

      Either way Verizon is doing their customers a disservice to not even mention the phone’s pending release. We know most of the stores have them!

      • WisconSIN

        Atopped in my local VZW store last night and was told that the phones are in the back, but we just got word that they can not sell them, and no new date has been given to them.  I can’t imagine that the LTE outage would stop them from selling phones, as the RAZR and Rezound are still being sold, and techincally have no $G at the moment with the outage.

    • Clayton Jones

      Oh, and you’ve got to realize someone working at Costco isn’t going to be the most informed about releases, probably not keeping/being updated.

  • uh oh….

  • This company Goba is giving away an Galaxy Nexus to someone
    that tries their app this december:
     Here’s a link to the press release for more info:

  • Benito Wood

    i honestly think the announcement is gonna be on friday for either a tuesday or thursday release next week. one of the documents that leaked said the white razr would come out yesterday but it just got announced. if all of the leaks are true, stores are receiving the phones as of right now so i doubt much else can hold up a release date thats fairly soon.

    i also think verizon might be delaying the launch to hold the other carriers out until after the holidays. maybe im digging, but they probably have a limited amount of time to promote it as a verizon exclusive, so the closer to xmas they release it, the later the release date of the gsm version will be

    • Clayton Jones

      I like this viewpoint, since supposedly its a Verizon “exclusive” stateside it makes sense that the other carriers would have to wait – though they probably are ready to go with it as soon as Verizon loses its exclusivity.

      Stinkin’ marketing! 

    • Local rep told me they were getting stuff in for the Nexus but haven’t gotten the device itself — I’d expect a next week launch. Goddamnit…

  • Viper604

    Mother @#$%%, son of a @#$%$% god #$@#%$ @#$#%$#, #%$#@$, %$#^, #@$@#$…..*throws the nearest TV out a window*  @$#@%$ this!

  • Anonymous

    Verizon has taken all the fun out of buying a phone. I waited (im)patiently for the bionic, got sick of it and waited on the galaxy S2. They screwed that up with promises of “Something better”. I waited through the various November release dates, black Friday, cyber Monday etc etc. Then everything points to this Friday, but wait….. more delays! Is it LTE failure? Is it a Motorola conspiracy? Is it google wallet? Can we blame Steve Jobs? Who cares? If they don’t pull the trigger Friday then I am taking my 5 friends and family plan phones to ATT and getting a galaxy s2. By the time they finally release the nexus they will be pushing ICS to the S2… well done Verizon!

  • kizuna

    At this point the galaxy nexus is vaporware.

  • Clayton Jones

    This is one of the better stated articles that I’ve read about the Nexus debacle (and I think I’ve read them all!) Punctual, to the point, understanding that all has been speculation but also giving the customers point of view. Great job.

    While I am still hoping for it to magically appear for sale tomorrow I’m not holding my breath…

  • Droid Does It

    Late last week, my local verizon dealer told me the nexus would be available on Decelmer 15.  It is a smaller verizon store in the midlle of Iowa so, I thought he did not really know because all the internet buzz was around the 9th.  Perhaps he was right all along

  • Ugh, why would Google ever work with VZW again?

  • Fact of the matter is the phone was released by Google in OCT… Google is a US based company, and even our next door neighbors in Canada get the phone before us, let alone the UK, Germany etc.  I’m a verizon wireless customer of 10 years, (mostly by default for reception among carriers) and I must say I’m more than disappointed at their ability to release phones and updates in a timely fashion.  Of course they never committed to a date, but the phone has been unveiled since OCT.  C’mon…  I’m sure they’ll post some BS response about some crucial security fix or something, when most everyone is probably right that Verizon’s trying to work their way into the Pure Google OS.  Same thing goes for NFC.  What a let down.    If the phone isn’t out before Christmas, it might be the end of my “exclusivity” with Verizon, because I am just plain sick of waiting for them.  And 100.00 deductible for insurance claims now?!  It just gets worse.  I’ll be sure to pick this one up at best buy for that reason. 

  • Guest

    I just heard from someone who works there that they are “considering” Dec 15 as the new release date…

  • Rloper1

    Must Verizon hired the outsourced ATt execs.

  • No1roushfan

    It is fun to go on Verizon’s Facebook page and post what a fail it is that the US does not have this phone. 

  • No1roushfan

    It is fun to go on Verizon’s Facebook page and post what a fail it is that the US does not have this phone. 

  • No1roushfan

    Post here and watch how fast they take it down, they are on it quick. I just copy and paste it back. Too bad they are not so quick on the release of the phone.

  • Oh nice, thanks for your