It’s been almost six months since Verizon released its LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus, and in all that time the majority of users have been stuck on Android version 4.0.2.  Meanwhile, the rest of the official developer devices (you know, the ones that Google “officially” supports) got updated to 4.0.3 and 4.0.4 ages ago. Now unconfirmed rumors are  saying that tomorrow (May 22nd) is the day that it’ll finally land.

Unlike other Nexus devices, the CDMA flavors of the Galaxy Nexus do not get updates as soon as Google posts them. The carriers have basically complete control over the OTA update process, just like any other phone, though there’s probably at least some kind of restriction keeping idiotic pack-ins like Let’s Golf 2 and Verizon Navigation from being installed by default. We haven’t seen anything beyond the account manager and backup assistant in glimpses of the LTE build of 4.0.4 thus far.

We know that Verizon intends to send it out eventually, thanks to a leak and a few lucky stock users getting the 4.0.4 update early. That said, there’s no  compelling evidence that this rumor is true. So cross your fingers… or just follow us into glorious custom ROM land, where tethering is free and updates fall like rain. Currently AOKP is our drug of choice. Naturally you’ll need to be rooted and there’s a risk of bricking your device, but the great thing about Nexus phones is that they never stay our of commission for long.

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  • Jay Rathbun

    Verizon controlling these OTA updates are killing me. I bought the Galaxy Nexus was to get these updates sooner…

    • Rob

      So did I. 

  • Kaizen_2012

    So, what’s in this update?

    Am I going to be able to notice the difference?

    •  yea better performance, new features in the power menu, faster screen auto rotate and many other things

  • Well, I’d rather be “stuck” with 
    4.0.2 than anything else on the market.

  • Bob

    Lets hope the Thinkpad ics is supposed to be to morrow too.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I asked Verizon why they are taking so long to authorize the OTA updates: they strapped me down and then shit into my mouth.  Goodbye Verizon and good riddance!

  • Carlos

    Here we go again… 

  • Zachary Morris

    About time — this was really pissing me off. How long will Jelly Bean take if 4.0.4 took months?

    • Noyfb

      jellybean is whole new os, 5.0, if it takes 5 months for 1 update, it won’t be till 2014 till we see jelly bean on the gnex from vzw, it’ll come out right after verizon stops supporting the gnex all together.
      VZW sucks with their corporate greed and bad ethics, they don’t give a sh!t about updates cause they make no money on them. It takes more than a good network to keep customers, I’ll be leaving after my contract is up, by 2013 sprint will have their true lte network up and going.

      • Trinityofthephoenix

        Actually any major system update unlike the minor one weve been waiting for will be handled by the manufacturer so hopefuly the wait wont be as long.

      • gorkon

        Where do you get this stuff??  The 5.0 update if/when Google has it ready will come from GOOGLE for the Gnex.  NOT Samsung.  

    • fakegramita

      love the name dude, lol.

  • Vjvjvjvj

    I switched from AT&T to Verizon just to get my hands on the Galaxy Nexus. I really regret it now! I love the phone but the reception is not so good and the updating thing has taken too long. I’m waiting for a new high tech phone and when I find one, I’m gladly switching back to AT&T or another provider that’s not trying to control the world.

    • Phonedude

      I agree this sucks. I also switched from an AT&T unlimited plan for this phone on Verizon. Bad combination. When my contact is up I will be switching to another carrier. I guess Verizon has good advertising. Looks like I’ve been bent over by Verizon. What’s 2 years oh I remember its $1700.00. F#%K

      • fakegramita

        what is the major problem for you, call quality as well? Just like you guys I switched from AT&T unlimited for this phone (got for 99 at bb pricematching amazon wireless, and 4gb for $30/mo), and frankly I have to agree with James… being “stuck” with this phone even on 4.0.2 is much better for me than what I had before… I had an iphone 4g at the time, so some people might argue that’s why, but I liked the iPhone a lot and didn’t think anything really compared until the improvements ICS brought to the table. LTE speeds are amazing (I don’t think lte coverage for at&t exists in my area, but since the only other phone I’d want is an iphone, that’s a moot point anyway, since neither that or the gnex have lte on at&t at the moment).

        Might regret a little that I didn’t wait for the one-X to try that out before making my final decision, I’ll admit that though…but I’d still have to flash it to get rid of sense… There’s always something right around the corner anyway though, for the most part I am happy with my decision. Would be nice if they treated this as a ‘true’ nexus device and we were able to get updates/apps without carrier interference, but so far waiting a little while for 4.0.4 hasn’t been a big deal to me. The only thing I haven’t liked so far is the wifi signal strength is a little worse which is kind of a bummer, but that’s not verizon’s fault that’s just the phone. Hopefully a repeater in the top floor of my house will fix that…

  • Guest

    where to begin? so much wrong with so many players here……don’t buy android, get the iphone…..i feel like a skeleton dangling in a closet warning someone in a horror movie, “night of the android phone”……..don’t do it, buy the iphone

    • Guest

      If it is indeed rolling out in 10 hours from now?? that will be welcome but i will still wait to read how it goes before taking the plunge and risking a broken phone over a travel weekend…..

  • IdanShtayer

    It’s 11am here in Dallas… Still no update, even when forcing phone to check. Has anyone received the update?

  • Jberger

    12 noon in Raleigh nc and still no update after forced check

  • bevardimusg

    2:30pm on 5/22 in Chicago- just force checked and still no update.  Anybody actually get this yet?  PLEASE tell me this isn’t another rumor.  

  • Guest

    4pm eastern here in Frisco, looks like another bs rumor by android x.

  • Erer

    I just got the update!

    • setulf

      Could you post a screenshot? =)

    • IdanShtayer

      You’re so funny!

  • Carlos

    In Los Angeles, it’s 5:30P, still nothing… 

  • Jarrod Bush

    This is all bogus.  12:05 EST and nothing.

  • Guest

    Blah blah blah ics abandoned……..turdsandwich

  • Guest

    In the 20 unknown brownouts Verizon gnex since December my trusty tmobile bold berry has been up and running perfectly. Tmobile is a great carrier. Good price, great customer service.
    The gnex is an unmitigated disaster.

    • Sonnyrock76

      Man you must have lost your mind if you think T-Mobile is a “Great” carrier. Verizon has their issues , yes, but when it comes to quality of coverage & stability of a network they are #1. Costly, yes, but you get what you pay for. I have had both T-Mobile & AT&T….they are terrible. My fiancée has T-Mobile now & I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times she has to use my phone to make calls because she has no signal or how many times she has to use my phone to look something up on the internet because T-Mobile has throttled down an already slow data connection because of excessive use & believe me Verizon’s customer service is no worse than T-Mobile’s. That’s one of the reasons I left T-Mobile in the first place. So don’t rant over lies because that’s all they are.

      • Guest

        t-mobile is a great carrier. Why do you think ATT tried to buy it?

  • lynn

    Even a broken clock is right now and then, someone will eventually “predict” this update and be correct.  Just pick a future date and claim your choice now.

  • Dixon2386

    I’m so unsatisfied with Verizon’s ability to push out updates, i have no doubt google has finished the CDMA/LTE 4.0.4 update galaxy nexus, but Verizon is just withholding even though back in DECEMBER was when they promised a signal fix and we still have the mispainted signal issue, Verizon blows and i will not Be renewing my contract.

  • Guest

    Becoming crystal-clear that google has abandoned turdsandwich and is readying the 5.0
    Hopefully (yeah right) 5.0 will run on the gnex…..what a waste of dough and time