A new study by RootMetrics claims that T-Mobile’s service is the absolute worst. The company, having travelled 220,000 miles throughout all 50 states in an attempt to gauge real-world carrier service, claims Verizon is the best around. They stopped at over 6,300 indoor locations, and collected a staggering 4.6 million samples during the second half of 2013 for the study as well.

This is part of RootMetric’s first annual “National RootScore Report”, which aims to gauge carrier performance by hitting the pavement each year. Verizon took an overall score of 89.7 (out of 100, naturally), while AT&T had a score of 86.2. Sprint had a 68.2 on the test, while T-Mobile came in last with 64.3 overall. The scores here represent “good overall coverage and a good consumer experience.”

When it came to speed, AT&T took the crown with a score of 88.7, edging out Verizon’s 88.5. T-Mobile has a score of 74.3, and Sprint was a distant third with a 65.8 when it came to speed. Reliability scores were similarly slanted, with Verizon scoring a 89.8 to AT&T’s 84.9. Sprint scored a 65.2, while T-Mobile ranked last again with a 57.1.

As expected, T-Mobile CEO John Legere took to twitter to denounce the findings, issuing a snarky congratulations to the competitors. He claims the results are “out of date” and “slanted”. He had no issue when RootMetrics found their LTE network to be far and away the fastest in Dallas last year, though, so we’re going to have to declare shenanigans on Legere. A recent pickup of 700MHz spectrum from Verizon should help T-Mobile with coverage and reliability, but they’ll need a different solution to calm their CEO down.

  • This is way off lol.

  • Don Maxwell

    Though I have to agree, as someone who lives in the country (out side of Dallas) The Tmbl coverage is a bit to be desired but, I have always been very happy with support, speed and rates.
    I also have to say, as for as Verizon goes? I do not like there rates, support or the fact they think they are able to report to NSA my usage or anything I may download or watch that they think may be questionable.
    I have always had a problem with any Cell or ISP company that plays Big Brother and thanks they have the right (because they can) to monitor what and where I use and go.. 🙂
    So! No! I will stay with Tmbl and use WiFi Calling when I am out of reach of there towers..

  • Foo Bar

    Why did you have to say “naturally” after out of a 100? It makes you sound like such a jerk. Please just leave it out next time.

    • codenmdb

      And you pointing out that makes you sound dumber being “rootmetrics” the dumb…

  • Zach B.

    John Legere is right on this, the test is old and outdated, granted it does take a while to gather the information across the country.

    T Mobile has made tremendous improvements in the last year and still going! It’ll be very exciting to see what happens this year and what the next “test” will conclude.

  • yankeesusa

    The study is mostly accurate. I have tmobile and for now I’m sticking with them. Here where I live they are the fastest most of the time and the money I save is not bad either. But if I were traveling for a business I would probably choose att or verizon. This data only matters for those that don’t have good service where they live and they need to choose verizon beauuse they have to.

  • companyemails

    In my case I spend the overwhelming majority of my time in the NYC metro area. Here T-Mobile spanks verizon in terms of speed, signal strength and price. While VZW definitely has greater overall reach, for me it doesn’t matter.

  • Jun Lin

    Screw Verizon, I get coverage wherever I go with TMo(NYC and Twin cities area). moreover, they now don’t charge roaming fee when you travel overseas(I travel to Europe and Asia a lot). Granted Verizon might have the best coverage overall, but their price is just ridiculous… and they are CDMA carrier, you don’t get the freedom to switch your phone as you will.

    • rollins3490

      Surprisingly, youre way over your head here. Start with the word ridiculous

  • BD1971

    Soon as the rated Sprint ahead of anyone as far as coverage, speed or reliability they lost all credibility.

  • Vince

    Had iPhones with Verizon, now we use TMo. I won’t go back. So far use an N5 with T-Mobile and exceeds wherever I go. And use a business iPhone 5s with Sprint and its terrible which I would never recommend.