The Logitech Revue set top box was not a successful product. It was overpriced to start with and had little content to set it apart from the much cheaper competitors out there. That fact that the Revue failed so badly is no surprise looking back that the device was not popular with buyers. Logitech CEO Guerrino De Luca talked about the Revue at a recently analysts and investor day and was very blunt.

De Luca said that the entire 2010 Christmas launch for the Revue was “a mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature.” Ya think? I wonder if they don’t actually see what consumers think about products like this before they launch. The CEO even went so far as to say that the software in the Revue was in beta form when it launched. Apparently Logitech though the Revue was going to revolutionize the TV world.

If you are a Revue fan, this will be your last chance to get one of the set top boxes. Once these are gone, there will be no replacements. De Luca did say that he still thinks Google TV will succeed in the future, but it will be the “grandchild of Google TV” that will succeed. What do you think about the Revue?

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  • It needed a market to start, and now that google bought sagetv it needs to release the server for free and a sagetv client for google tv.. Then it would do very well.. Sagetv boxes are going for 400 on ebay because you cant buy em anymore… The whole setup would do great with a streamlined setup process..

  • Boone Simpson

    The GTV launch was a failure, all hype and promises that still haven’t materialized for Revue owners though once honeycomb hits, it should be good for awhile assuming dev support. This product was/is the bastard son of google. 

    The initial price point was too high, no apps, or proper ecosystem integration. Poor compatibility with DVR’s, lack of google-built network media player (the logitech one is buggy).

    I fear that gen1 GTV owners will be left out as Intel has stopped it’s connected home platform and GTV will move to Arm architecture (hopefully Tegra 3). Newer games, etc will require the power and optimization of that Arm platform.

    I feel bad for those with GTV built in to TV as it will be harder to keep up with the next wave of devices.

    I am happy with a Revue at $99 but anything higher I would be upset.

  • Anonymous

    I hate that u need a hd box to use. Why couldn’t they made it for regular cable boxes as well

  • Mike Minor

    I love it, over all.  I would only like for it to support Dolby Digital passthrough from my DVR.

  • Vaa1

    Revue Harware is great i am a huge fan of the keyboard/trackpad, the software till 3.1 update was horrible and after the update it is acceptable. as a $99 product with 3.1 software i think it is great with the app to remote control other products. Fan a little noisey.