Republic Wireless exits beta, pre-orders available today

November 19, 2012

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Remember those Republic Wireless guys? Well today they are back with a big announcement that they've finally finished their private beta test and will be available to all. In case you forgot they were the ones offering unlimited everything smartphone plans for just $20 a month. Crazy right?

Using their own VoIP (voice over IP) technology to provide unlimited calls, text, data, and more all for just $19.99 for all us Android smartphone users. Pretty bold ambitions right? Well, it's been just about 1 year since they first appeared and today Republic Wireless is available for all to give it a try. They are a network that "runs on freedom."

That freedom they talk about, however, banks on the user having a WiFi connection as much as humanly possible. When you're home, at work, at Starbucks and more Republic Wireless will use the provided WiFi for VoIP calls and texts. In the event you don't have that option the load and services get dumped off to The Now Network -- and we know how bad their 3G data speeds are.

Where Republic Wireless really has an opportunity to shine is the contract free usage and low prices. This is pay-as-you-go, $19.99 a month, and only $10 to get started. They're offering the Motorola DEFY XT for $249 right on their website, then you're up and running for just $19 a month with no annual contracts. It appears that this is only a pre-order status for now and devices and service will start shipping in mid December. The DEFT XT is their only phone available, which isn't great, but it's a good start and I'm sure we'll see and hear more soon. If you're interested in contract free unlimited everything and have WiFi at home and work, check out Republic Wireless today!

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  • Jeff

    $19.00 a month. Not $19.99. After taxes it comes to about $22.00 a month. 🙂

  • bitflung

    i’ve been with them for a year now.
    “The Now Network — and we know how bad their 3G data speeds are” – i still argue that CDMA is a 2G network: 1x and EVDO beign equivalent to GPRS (2G) and EDGE (2.5G) data protocols on a GSM network. That being said, the data rates are abysmal – the exact same abysmal rates i see on native Sprint devices though. roughly 0.5Mbps nominal.

    for the price, it’s very hard to argue against RW. the only contemporary service that comes close is T-Mobile’s $30/mo prepaid service (100minutes, 5GB data, unlimited texts) but even then it’s 6 of one, half dozen of the other: $10 more per month but better phone options with additional potential to overuse the service…

    RW is doing very well – i’m glad to be a part of it.