The teasers for RBI Baseball 14 began way back in January. At the time we were reminded about how the game would be returning after a near two-decade hiatus. Those looking back may remember the last time we saw RBI Baseball — it was in the mid-90’s when the game was made available for the Sega 32X.

Time will tell how well this latest release lives up to fan expectations, but we can say it is now available in the Play Store. The game includes all 30 MLB teams along with 480 of the current MLB players. The in-game player characteristics are based on real stats and users should be able to complete an entire 9 inning game in about 20 minutes time.

The game is touted as having easy-to-use controls, and players will also be able to unlock special retro jerseys. You’ll be able to unlock those jerseys by completing custom team challenges in the season mode. Also included will be postseason and exhibition modes.

RBI Baseball 14 is priced at $4.99 and can be found in the Google Play Store. Along with the Android release, RBI Baseball 14 is also available for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 as well as iOS devices.

  • flonker

    I was hoping that there would finally be a decent baseball game on Android. There’s not.

    Every MLB game that is currently available for download is flawed to the point that they’re not even worth playing (at least in my opinion).

    9 Innings has by far the best game mechanics. Pitching, batting and fielding are all fun and work well on a touchscreen interface. The game is a really great baseball sim. That is, until about halfway through a season when the computer controlled teams become filled with super players and you are expected to continually spend money to retain the “balance” of player attributes. You can choose not to, but the game quickly becomes unplayable. Why can’t I just purchase a game without these built-in pay-to-play player progressions? I would easily spend $20 on a game like 9 Innings that wasn’t built around in-game transactions. Instead they will never see one cent of my money.

    But that’s the old game on the block, what about the newest editions?

    GamEVIL has released a new one, I believe it’s called “Perfect Inning.” But I didn’t even download one byte of the apk as it requests totally unnecessary permissions. I believe it’s also another pay-to-play piece of crap as it also has in-game transactions. Again, how about I give you money and you give me a game? Why is that so difficult of a concept?

    Then we have RBI Baseball 14. I was excited about this one. They were actually selling a baseball game. Awesome. The $4.99 price suggested that it wasn’t going to best, but you wouldn’t have to worry about paying a ransom in order to play the game. Great move. Except, the game is pretty much garbage. Sure, it’s okay to play now and then, but if you’re looking for a baseball game where you play through a season, forget it. Baseball is a stats sport, RBI doesn’t feel the need to keep track of any. Also the pitching, while a homage to the original, is just garbage and not fun. The game is also littered with poor design choices that constantly subtract from the game. For instance, during the inning change there is no screen that shows the upcoming batters. Is your pitcher getting tired and you want to replace him the next time he’s due up to hit? You better have the batting order memorized and know exactly where you are in that order so you can be ready to make that substitution. Even if you are ready, you have about a fraction of a second to hit that pause button before the computer controlled pitcher throws.

    Everyone always says how the mobile market is impacting the sales of computer and console games… How? With what?

    “Hmm. Should I go out and buy ‘The Last of Us’ or download this game where you try not to touch the white square?”

    So here we find ourselves in 2014 in this booming mobile game market and there’s still not a decent BASEBALL game available. The best baseball game on my phone? An NES rom of “Baseball” that was originally released in 1983.

    • John Solis

      why is this game in compatible for my Samsung Galaxy 3 Tablet or Android Maxx phone.

  • Anthony

    The article above states that the game is available for xbox one, is this true or is like the rbi game site, just a bunch of crap. It is available for xbox one I do I get it