PSX4Droid returns to the Android Market with a new developer

October 26, 2011

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Classic emulation keeps coming back again and again on Android, despite Google's attempts to forestall it. PSX4Droid, a PlayStation One emulator originally banned from the Android Market back in March of this year, is now once again available. The app comes form a new developer, "SnootyKing", who has been working on the app since it went open-source after the initial ban. You can buy it now for $4.99 USD.

You may want to hold off, however. Initial responses imply that this version is having some teething trouble, sending at least a few users right back to the Market without starting the app itself. Given the complexity of emulation in general and the PlayStation app in particular, this isn't exactly surprising. Since PSX4Droid is relatively young in its latest incarnation, expect updates to come quickly. Remember that you can always track down the original version, which has been published on various third-party app sites and stores for free.

Google's review policy kicks in after an app has been published, so there's nothing to say that they won't boot PSX4Droid right back off the market within a day or two. It seems to be standard operating procedure with all emulators (at least if they become notable) despite the fact that they aren't technically illegal. If you've got a Sony XPERIA phone, you might be able to use the PlayStation Suite already to play a few select PSX titles, and Sony may have plans to extend the platform to other hardware makers in the future.

[via Droid Gamers]

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  • Guest

    I am rather certain this is NOT a new developer. This is likely ZodTTD, just using a new name to get back on the android market. All of a sudden, all the download links on zodttd’s website that had free (Full) versions, have been deleted. Also the copy’s I had already downloaded have just started shooting me over to the android market for this ‘new’ app.