Pre-ordering for Notion Ink’s Adam from tomorrow, December 9

December 8, 2010

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Notion Ink tipped us to Android 2.3 Gingerbread earlier in the week, and now we've heard that pre-ordering for the Adam tablet is set to open tomorrow, Thursday December 9 2010. Our trusted source confirms that Notion Ink's binary countdown will indeed hit zero tomorrow and the company begin accepting pre-orders.

Initially, pre-ordering will be limited to those who have registered and commented on the official Notion Ink blog, though after that there will be broader availability. Best of all, our source says Notion Ink is already working on an Android 2.3 Gingerbread update that's expected to be released only weeks after Adam itself.

Six variants of Adam will be on offer, consisting of combinations of optional Euro/Asia or US 3G (or standard WiFi-only) and a choice of regular LCD or Pixel Qi displays. More details on Adam here, complete with pricing.

[via SlashGear]

Update: Notion Ink has updated its blog with an image of what looks like Adam about to be revealed [Thanks Pj!]:

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  • C

    Does this support Voice in the US or is it tablet only?

  • Rob

    I think there is a 3gs model.. ? But it’s a Tablet..

    And I am in virtual line.. !!

  • I think this is tablet only, not a phone. But, there should be a mic so im guessing you can use it as a device for video calls. I guess we will find out soon 🙂

    There is a forum dedicated to the adam and other Tegra 2 devices at

    Please register and comment! We want to get all us adam supporters together!

    Still no blog update as of this morning about when exactly pre-orders will start. Still up in the air. I had poseted prior to the announcement and have not gotten any notice or anything yet….

  • Adam

    Finally it’s here!

  • nicandris

    well i was going to preorder this one, but well emmmm ermmmm hmmmmmm Andy Rubin killed it by presenting the motorola tablet 😉

  • Gerry Gan

    You got to look at the features…! The Notion Ink Tab is really cool. I love the angle of the Tab!

    It’ll be great if there’s a Flash simulation of the interface. Have people FALL IN LOVE before the actual hardware comes…!!


  • cyrus

    I am thrilled. Finally we will shall see the light.

  • I wish,I wish I could have a good look to see how well it works..

  • Punjabi Prince X

    Can’t wait to see how the final version of Notion Ink tablet, it must look crazy sexyy now. Why are the days taking so longggg before it is released :(.

    I also want to see this baby in action so that I can really decide if I will get it or not. For now I am 70% convinced, the rest depends of the UI, apps for this tablet (hope that there will be a market place for the NI) and support.

  • SA

    Adam got all the attentions! But is it really that good?

    3.2 mp camera?
    8mp cameras are available for long long time even in a much smaller unit!

    Less than 10GB memory?
    16-32GB the desirable these days

    USB 2.0 ????
    USB 3.0 has been out and 10x faster on paper and 5x at least in real tests.

    Screen resolution is average (1024×600)- nothing outstanding!

    OS needs to be updated one day after purchase!

  • Keefers

    Check out the Android Police news about NI Adam before you buy!