Plenty of Americans have been patiently waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note, and assuming they’re OK with AT&T service, they won’t have to wait much longer. The carrier has set February 19th as zero day for the oversized smartphone – but don’t start camping out at your nearest AT&T store just yet. Pre-order the phone through Best Buy, and they’ll give you a free flip cover for your trouble. Considering how large the phone is anyway, you could consider that a blessing or a curse, but if you want to get into the old-school PDA spirit, you’ve got to have  a faux leather book-style cover.

Best Buy didn’t elaborate on exactly what brand would be offering the cover, or even publish a photo with their press release. They might not have even ordered the accessory yet. Even so, they’re claiming it as a $29.99 value, and  new Note owners get it free when activating the phone while supplies last. You can begin pre-ordering the Galaxy Note this Sunday, February 5th through Best Buy’s website or any retail store, and the on-contract price is the same $299.99 you’ll get directly from AT&T. If you plan on getting it off contract, you should probably look elsewhere: Best Buy has a nasty habit of raising the full retail price by a hundred dollars or more.

When it launches, the Samsung Galaxy note will be both the largest and highest-resolution smartphone in the country, and Samsung’s Super AMOLED display technology is the icing on the cake. It’ll also be the first Android smartphone sold with a stylus or “S-pen”, the better to take advantage of the Wacom digitizer built into the screen. High-end specs like a 1.4Ghz processor, 16GB of storage and an 8MP camera round out the package. Author’s note: the above image may or may not look anything like the case that Best Buy is giving away – as stated above, they’ve shown no pictures and given no brand names. That’s a photo of Samsung’s official cover, courtesy of

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  • Anonymous

    I’m so torn between this or the possibility of an AT&T Galaxy Nexus. I could be waiting forever. I’m not thrilled about the Qualcomm chip inside this thing.

  • Anonymous

    when is verizon going to get their head out of their ass and announce a release date for this thing.

  • Mjastudios

    Verizon, I want one.

  • N0ISV1

     Best Buy is doing there best to C.Y.A. and back stroke on the delivery
    of the G Note on 2/17, if you did the pre order to get it on this date?
    They have dropped the ball on some us big time?

    There C.Y.A. excuse now is the pre order of the G Note never meant
    anyone us would see it by 2/17, 2 days before the BB stores are
    scheduled to have it for sale?

    Most of us also received the sales order via e-mail from BB, in which it
    stated scheduled delivery of the G Note would be 2/10/12-2/15/12, but
    this date came and went, and NO G Note for most if not ALL of us? I
    questioned this false date with them, and got the same C.Y.A. BS

    What good did it do any of us, if you pre ordered from BB or AT&T,
    to have the G Note shipped after its available in the stores???