Posterous Micro Blogging Service Introduces Android App

December 15, 2010

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If blogging is the "new thing," then Tumblr and Posterous is the new blogging. Posterous is a micro-blogging service that allows users to post their thoughts in longer blurbs than twitter, but shorter than would appear on a full blog. Users of Posterous now can update their site with the newly announced Android app.

The application supports sharing links, photos, video, and even media from your gallery to share. Just type a blurb, attach an image or video, and hit post - it's just that simple.

Posterous for Android is available in the Android Market now.

[Via Androinica]

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  • Sorry how is Posterous a micro blogging service? It’s just a blogging service. A good one, but nothing micro about it.

  • Frameshifter

    It also autoposts to hundreds of sites so you don’t have to ie Lifestreaming.

    Sigh… Do all of these android sites just repuke eachother’s articles without even investigating what they are reviewing?