I’m not sure about you guys, or how much you game on Android (angry birds doesn’t count as “gaming”) since everyone plays that, but I play a fair share of games on my Android phone. One thing I do know is that if Polarbit is releasing the game, it will have great graphics and most likely be well worth the price. All the past Polarbit games have stunning 3D Visuals and they don’t cut any corners. They have just released the fun and cute new game for Android called Toki Tori.

Available in the Android Market now. In a way you could almost compare it to Angry Birds, but the game play is completely different, and instead of angry birds, they are cute little assassin chickens. Leading developers and independent publishers, Polarbit and Two Tribes, announced today the long-awaited release of Toki Tori on Android Market. Time to get with the chickens.

They go on to explain the game as a mind-bending, brain-teasing puzzle platformer starring the worlds cutest chicken. It has some great 3D visuals, the puzzles are fun, yet not to difficult, and all stay fairly entertaining. You have 80 levels, with tons of puzzles to finish and enemies attacking. Overall this looks to be a great game just like all the past releases from Polarbit. Go get it now and let us know what you think, we would love to hear from our readers in the comments.

[via Polarbit News]

  • It’s pretty cool! I’ve fallen completely in this site and runs on an SGS.


  • Blackvelvet_cat

    The touch interface (LG Optimus) is not so good for gameplay in this game. The character will refuse to turn in the direction you need it to turn. It simply rotates a full 360 instead of the 180 you were expecting. You can trick it by making it walk for a step in the direction you want. However, this method is not foolproof. The simple act of putting up a bridge may be foiled 5-10 times by the obdurate creature’s rotation habits. Too irritating to play unless this gets fixed.