Picasa update brings Google+ Auto Backup to the desktop

December 30, 2013

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Google+ Auto Backup is a convenient way to make sure all of the images you capture with your smartphone are being backed up. But while that takes care of the images you take with your internet connected smartphone or tablet, it doesn't offer much for those who save images from a regular camera on their computer. Well, it seems a bit of Google+ Auto Backup desktop convenience has been added with the latest update for Picasa.

This Picasa update sits as version 3.9.137 and is available for both Mac and Windows users. The distinction here is the Google+ Auto Backup option comes as a separate utility as opposed to an option within Picasa. Regardless though, this means Mac and Windows users now have a decent solution for backing up images. The setup will allow you to choose different folders and sources to include inserted media cards.

There is also a few options in terms of the size of the images. Google is offering the ability to upload an unlimited amount -- provided the images are using the photo resizing option. This basically means the image will be resized to 2048 for the longest edge. Those looking to upload full quality images can do so, but keep in mind those images will count against your Google Drive storage.

The Google+ Auto Backup for images will sync in the background, similar to how things work with Drive and/or Music. And similar to how you can easily view the images you take on your smartphone or tablet on the web or other devices, the same will apply to images backed up from the desktop. Bottom line here, Google is now offering backup and access for images stored on your desktop system.

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  • Nik Blumish

    I suppose this is a nice service for anyone who doesn’t already back up their photos using Dropbox or Google Drive, but what I’m really waiting for is a way to sync my Google+ photos and albums with a desktop application. When I edit a photo or rearrange an album or folder, either on the web or on the desktop, I want that change to be reflected in both places.

    Do you think we will get there, or is Google just pushing us towards an “online, Google+ only” future?

    • The latter. Google wants your stuff online, with Google as your go to destination for your photos from any device. Your right though, that would be absolutely perfect, I just doubt it will happen. It would be so good not to have to delete things in two separate places.