Papa Pear Saga bounces into Google Play Store

November 28, 2013

Looking for a mildly addictive and amusing game to waste away those boring minutes? Then Papa Pear Saga, with its wacky, cartoony graphics, challenging puzzles, and bouncing action, might just give you your fix.

The plot, if there is any at all, is even thinner than Angry Birds. You, the player, take control of a cannon that shoots Papa Pear, who seems to be quite the stunt artist, across fields full of fruits or vegetables in a forest-themed background. The graphics of the game might remind you of some kids' shows, but with a little bit of Adventure Time and Spongebob mixed in.


The game practically plays out like pinball with poor old Papa Pear as the ball. He will bounce on anything but, except for the screen edges, anything he bounces on, including the carrots, are eaten up. The goal, then, is to consume as many of the edible oddities as possible before falling down into one of the awaiting jars of death below. As always, there is a certain aspect of social interaction and competition through leaderboards.


Papa Pear Saga is available for free on Google Play Store and this version will even sync with your Facebook game as well. And like most free mobile games out there, there will in-game purchases available that give extra moves, lives, or power ups.

Download: Papa Pear Saga on Google Play Store

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