AT&T has begun rolling out another Jelly Bean update and this time around the lucky users are the ones sporting a Pantech Flex. The update is bringing Android 4.1.2 and the carrier has the delivery coming over-the-air. We suspect those with a Flex will be anxious, however AT&T has said you will be alerted by way of a text message when the update is ready for your device.

AT&T is promising this update will “make all current functions even faster, smoother and smarter.” Of course, part of that that comment likely means the smoothness that comes along with Project Butter. Not to mention, the other Jelly Bean specifics such as Google Now and the improved Google Voice search.

Users will also notice the AT&T Drive Mode which is an app that is said to be designed to help “prevent” texting while driving. As we know from other Jelly Bean updates, this will also bring goodies such as the expandable and actionable notifications as well as widgets that will automatically resize if they are too big.

This update will also include a few accessibility improvements. These will include support for external Braille input and output devices over USB as well as Bluetooth and Gesture modes for those who may be visually impaired. Bottom line here, the Pantech Flex is getting Jelly Bean and we suspect more than a few will not only be happy, but be glued to their handsets waiting for that text message notification.


  • Captain_Doug

    I have high hopes for Pantech. Getting the latest version of android out to a phone that old is pretty cool. Also, the Vega iron looks great. If they could get some of their high end phones to the states, I think their brand name would not be known for cheap phones.

    • I have hopes for them too. Their UI is terrible though.

      Give us a lighter skinned or stock Android, and they could be very successful against LG and HTC in the US

      • Captain_Doug

        Last time I used a pantech i was actually impressed with the features they included but it’s done in an ugly and cumbersome way. Halfway there.