MIUI 7 beta now rolling out via OTA or Fastboot download

Recently, Xiaomi announced that it would (finally) give a refresh to the long serving MIUI 6 user interface. If you don’t know about MIUI, this is the preferred Android UI for Xiaomi devices, designed by Xiaomi themselves. It’s a little bit too much eye candy for me personally, but a lot of other people like the sleek and sweet style of MIUI. The refresh comes in the form of MIUI 7, all compatible for the Xiaomi Redmi 1S, Redmi 2, Mi 4i, Mi 3, Mi 4, Redmi Note 3G and Redmi Note 4G.

Snapdragon 820 will feature new Hexagon 680 DSP prominently

A DSP – digital signal processor – is that part of your processor which processes real world signals, such as the digital audio signal from your microphone, the digital image signal from your camera, and the digitized information from your sensors. At some points, these DSPs are always on – that is why you need powerful and efficient DSPs to process these data efficiently. Enter Qualcomm’s new Hexagon 680 DSPs for the upcoming Snapdragon 820 processor.

Samsung to reportedly launch an 18.4-inch Android tablet

Have you ever wondered if you actually need an 18-inch tablet in your life? Well if you never actually thought you needed a screen that large, unless you were sitting in front of a desktop or TV screen, then Samsung will reportedly try to change your mind. Reports are saying they are about to launch an 18.4-inch Android tablet in the market soon, on top of all the new tablets that they’ve already released this year.

Wileyfox announces Cyanogen OS-running smartphones

Everyday, several new Android phones are being introduced. Most of them come from Android device manufacturers in South Korea, Japan, or China. This time, a new UK-based brand known as Wileyfox has just introduced a couple of new Android-powered smartphones. It's a bit of a surprise because it's from the United Kingdom but looks like our British friends want to compete within the Android game.

Sony Xperia Z5 reported dummy photos leaked

Sometimes, we really do wonder if these leaks are actual leaks and not just PR stunts from the OEMs to drum up publicity for their upcoming products. But either way, at least it gives us something to talk and speculate about as the release date draws near (supposedly). We’ve been treated to some leaked images of the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact’s promo image, but now we also have the supposed dummy unit of the Xperia Z5 as well.

BlackBerry Passport spotted running Android Lollipop

BlackBerry is still in the mobile business and the enterprise industry. Just because we don’t use BlackBerry and are hardcore Android fans, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about the Canadian smartphone pioneer. We’re interested to know what happens to this company that’s been facing a number of problems lately. We’ve been saying that going Android might help boost sales. This is aside from the fact what some Android apps can run on BlackBerry OS.

Some Samsung Galaxy Note 5 users report SPen design flaw

A lot of people were pretty excited about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5, particularly because of the new SPen and its spring mechanism. But it looks like there was possibly a design flaw that the OEM might have overlooked as some users have reported that accidentally putting in the SPen in the wrong direction is not actually detected by the device and might cause permanent damage to your brand new device.

Twist World Charging Station helps you juice up wherever you go [DEALS]

If you're the frequent traveler, dying batteries aren't your only foil. The varying kinds of power outlets seemingly mock your inability to charge your device, or device, in an emergency. But if you have the Twist World Charging Station in your bag, you'll never have to worry about those ever again. Not only does it allow you to charge up to 4 USB connected devices at the same time, it has a universal AC power outlet plug to take care of translating those pesky sockets for you.