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Sony Xperia Tablet Z Kitchen Edition unveiled

Sony has unveiled their latest tablet, well, technically the latest variant of the Xperia Tablet Z. This one is dubbed the Kitchen Edition and will be arriving for tablet loving foodies that happen to be located in the US. This Xperia Tablet Z is being touted as the "perfect kitchen companion" and will be arriving with both hardware and software related goodies for those who prefer to spend time in the kitchen.

Simplenote app arrives for Android

There is no shortage of note taking apps available for Android users. Two of the more well known are Evernote and Google Keep, however a new addition has recently arrived in the Play Store. Though, while this latest is a new addition to Android, it is already an established player in the world of productivity apps.

Launchers: taking Nova, Action and Yandex for a spin

One of the attractions of using Android is the ability to customize. This can be everything from adjusting and tweaking the layout using your stock setup, which could include a TouchWiz or Sense experience and it can also include using third party launchers. The launcher category is big and it seems to be growing at a fairly regular pace. Without trying to name every single launcher available, just in recent history we have seen mentions of Apex Launcher and Chameleon as well as and Facebook Home.

Google Glass shown answering your everyday questions

It seems the verdict is still out for many when it comes to Google Glass. But with that in mind, a few members of the Google Glass team have recently shared a video that takes a look at some practical use cases. Well, some examples of what you can use Google Glass to search for. Keeping in mind that the same thing can also be done with a smartphone, this video is nice if for no other reason than it is showing Glass being used for something other than a head-mounted camera.

Google’s Larry Page talks bathroom Glass use

Google Glass privacy concerns are not exactly a new topic. We have seen countless issues raised and even some locations placing a ban on using Glass. With that in mind, Google CEO Larry Page has spent some time addressing such concerns from investors during a recent shareholders meeting. Basically, it doesn't seem as if Page is all that concerned.

Next Browser hands-on: GO Launcher team customizes the web

The GO Launcher Dev Team recently updated the Next Browser and while we hadn't been spending lots of time with this browser in the past, this latest update arrived as one that was hard to ignore. The Next Browser has been updated to v1.0 and plenty of new features have been added. Not to mention, having recently spent some time browsing the Play Store comments and well, we had to install the app and spend some time playing around.

Google Glass Nest app brings voice controlled thermostat adjustments

Those using Google Glass now have another reason to consider using a Nest thermostat in their homes. The Nest is a learning thermostat that is touted as being the "next generation." Aside from the convenience of being able to control the Nest using a smartphone, the thermostat is said to be able to lower your heating and cooling bill by up to 20 percent. More to the point for today though, the Nest thermostat now has a Google Glass app.
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