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Fleksy update: suggested emojis, deep links

When you talk to your friends on your various messaging apps, you sometimes discuss the latest single from your favorite artist or what’s happening at your favorite nightspot this weekend. You would have to leave your chat, google for the info that you want, and then go back and tell them all about it. But the latest update from virtual keyboard Fleksy lets you discover new info about your topic without having to go to a different app to find it.

Drivemode app offers a “no look” navigation while driving

Android Auto is slowly being integrated in the latest vehicles today. It has Apple's CarPlay as direct rival and we're interested to know how the automotive industry will support each platform. We know Android Auto will be available in new cars, most of which are 2016 models. And since not everyone can buy a new car, we're looking for alternatives to these digital dashboard systems and one app that fits the bill is Drivemode.

Drifter is a waterproof speaker that doesn’t need your smartphone

When your smartphone isn’t waterproof or not waterproof enough, you probably would not risk taking it to the pool or anywhere near water. But what if you wanted to listen to your music while you’re doing your wet sports thing? Of course most waterproof Bluetooth speakers would need your smartphone nearby. Not Drifter, as it is a fully independent speaker that can last being splashed by water and play your tunes at the same time.

Rhapsody music streaming app undergoes redesign 

Because there’s an increasingly competitive music streaming market, apps have to either reinvent themselves (if they’ve already been in the market for so long) or to constantly add new features in order to keep up with everyone else. Rhapsody probably falls into both categories, and the newest update to the app suggests that it’s not counting itself out of the race, even if there’s so much competition out there. The update brings with it a redesign Android app, as well as several new features that may cause you to give it a second look.

Misfit Flash Link: activity tracker, can be do-anything button too

Misfit is stepping up their wearable game as they have announced their new products, both hardware and software. The new Misfit Flash Link is just like your average activity tracker but it can be attached as an accessory to various parts of your body. It also comes with a built-in button that can be synced to various smart devices, if programmed through the Misfit Flash Link app, which acts like an IFTTT program.

TapDeck goes out of beta and into Material Design, new features

A few months ago, we told you about this new live wallpaper app called TapDeck that gave you more than just pretty pictures on your smartphone. Even though it was still in beta then, a lot of people found the app informative and enjoyable. Now, the good news is that it’s finally going out of beta, and along with it, the developers are bringing more features to the app, including a Material Design look, and a better way of sharing the wallpapers you enjoy the most to other people.

Classic rockers AC/DC finally arrives on music streaming services

Music streaming may be big business now, but not all artists are immediately on board to have their entire catalog available for the world on various platforms, without actually paying for them per se. There are those who take some time before finally allowing their labels to put up their music on places like Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, and Google Play Music (and now, Apple Music as well). One of the most popular rock bands in the world, AC/DC, has finally agreed to join said services and classic rock fans couldn't be happier.

Google Play Music now available in Argentina, Serbia

As the shadow of another Apple digital service looms over the industry, Google needs to up its game in the global markets, not just with its product offerings, but even more so with becoming available in as many markets as possible. This week, they have added Argentina and Serbia to its roster of countries that will be able to use the Google Play Music service not just as an app, but as a streaming music service as well.

Google rolls out free ad-supported version of Google Play Music

Google continues to push into the online streaming music space with its current vendor program-slash-offering Google Play Music. This competes directly with services like Spotify and Apple’s iTunes music store. To leverage itself, it has now created a free to use, free to download, ad-supported version of Google Play Music, much like how people use Spotify for free.
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