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AT&T Confirms no LTE Smartphones until late 2011

I wouldn't really call this a huge surprise considering we still haven't heard much from AT&T regarding their 4G LTE networks, and they are just barely starting to get off the ground. Today at a tech conference AT&T's senior vice president of mobility and consumer markets, Peter Ritcher, said that the company will not have a 4G LTE enabled smartphone until very late into 2011.

Motorola Droid Bionic Picture Gallery Surfaces, 4.5″ Screen and All

I feel like we've been beating this entire story and name with a stick, but the Droid Bionic is at it again with an entire gallery of leaked photos giving us a much better look at that pretty front bezel and the rest of the device at the same time. A few photos leaked yesterday but today the gallery is much larger. Latest reports are also suggesting this bad boy will have a 4.5" screen rather than 4.3" like originally suggested but we've known that for a while.
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