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Sony Xperia Z2 features being ported to other Xperia devices

The new Xperia Z2 has quite a few features we like, and it seems as though they’re being pushed to other Xperia devices as well. Updates and new features to the newest Xperia flagship will soon be available to legacy models, which is a boon for those not wanting to update. From a simple launcher and widgets to camera features, it looks like the Xperia will feel similar across the lineup.

Motorola execs say Google had nothing to do with their recent success

Google’s Motorola wasn’t as special as you may think. At MWC, Motorola’s SVP of Supply Chain and Operations, Mark Randall — along with SVP of Software Engineering Steve Horowitz — spoke about their company’s time with Google. Some of the commentary we knew, but some is enlightening, showing that moving forward, Moto is going to be Moto again.

Internet used by 87% of adults in US, 68% connect via mobile devices

A new study detailing Internet usage is out, providing interesting metrics regarding how and why we use the thing you’re reading this article on. A full 87% of adults in the US use the Internet, with a majority of that coming via mobile devices. Also interesting were views on whether the Internet was a good thing for us, or something we should likely avoid.
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