Acer Predator 6: a smartphone with a deca-core processor for gamers

We were all looking at a Predator tablet (which they did unveil as well) but we didn’t see a gaming smartphone coming. Acer previewed at the IFA today the Predator 6, an ultra powerful smartphone that they’re hoping will attract the mobile gamers as they are the ones that the Taiwanese OEM is targeting. This further expands their Predator gaming lineup, which already has powerful laptops, even fancy projector screens, plus the recently announced Predator 8 gaming tablet as well.

Pricing and availability of Asus Zenwatch 2 announced

For those who were eagerly awaiting when you’ll be able to get your hands on the brand new Asus Zenwatch 2 after it was announced last June, then we have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that the OEM has finally announced pricing details for the two variants of the smartwatch (although it’s just European prices). The bad news is that you will have to wait until October to be able to sport these wearables.

2nd gen Moto 360, Moto 360 Sport hands-on

The leaks seems to have gotten Motorola's smartwatch play here at IFA 2015 spot on. Or at least most of it. And that will probably disappoint some while still wow'ing others. The 2nd gen Moto 360 does come in two sizes, at least for men, while there is a single size only designed for women. And yes, there is a Moto 360 Sport version as well. He get some hands-on time, or one and a half to be precise, with the smartwatches to check out what Motorola is offering this time around.

Edjing 5 DJ app made more efficient, intuitive, faster, and easier to share

Back in April, edjing PRO app promised to make us better DJs. I'm not sure what happened to some disc jockey hopefuls but I know I did't improve and become one. I'm still positive that someday I'd learn so I'd like to try the edjing 5  app (DJ Music Mixer Studio) this time. Maybe, just maybe, I'd be able to create cool remixes and learn how to control those vinyl turntables even only on the touchsreen.

Pugs lets you charge your wireless earbuds on your smartphone

Wireless earbuds are a blessing indeed as they let you get rid of all the tangles that usually involve your smartphone and your buds and your wires. But when the batteries run out, then they’re practically useless. A new Kickstarter project called Pugz says they’re bringing you the "world’s smallest wireless earbuds you can charge through your phone”. The technology they’re using for this is still patent pending, but the 18k gold magnetic connector may just become pure gold for the creators of this tiny yet packed device.

Scosche shows off new BoomBottle+ Bluetooth speaker for rough and rugged use

There are a lot of portable Bluetooth speakers available in the market but there are only a few that can be considered safe and rugged enough for rough use like biking. Sure, there are headphones available but admit it, they're not as comfy and safe to use. The idea when cycling is to have some music playing in the background (or foreground). Music doesn't need to be loud because it can be dangerous. You need to hear the pedestrians and other vehicles near you.

HERE beta adds long-press contextual menu, intermediate stops display

Navigation app HERE seems to be updating their app almost every week for the past months. Today, the new features they’re adding are courtesy of the testing and feedback from the users of the beta for Android version of the app formerly owned by Nokia. HERE users will be able to enjoy long-press contextual menu and the display of intermediate stops in the transit routes, both to help you navigate around your city or a strange city more easily.

Set your own personal PayPal URL with

Of all the numerous online and mobile payment systems and methods available today, I find PayPal the most reliable and most secure ever. Ever since I signed up in 2007, I’ve never experienced any problem at all. Believe it or not, I haven’t even changed my password since I opened an account. Sorry to hear that others are not as fortunate but PayPal is still one of the best and the quickest online payments out there.

Lenovo bets big with PHAB Plus, PHAB phablets at IFA 2015

If you thought Lenovo was done with smartphones, then you might be partly right. Now it's gong for phablets next! Trying to convince the market that mobile users these days actually seldom use their smartphones to make or take calls, Lenovo's goal is to sell devices design for consuming content, particularly videos, images, and pages. For those purproses, the new Lenovo PHAB Plus and its larger but weaker cousin the Lenovo PHAB are almost perfect contenders, offering big sizes but at the same time big savings.

Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Pro puts entertainment front and center at IFA 2015

Tablets, with their big screens and big batteries, are the ultimate portable entertainment devices. That's the spiel that Lenovo is trying to make, first with its new PHAB phablets and now to an even larger degree, its YOGA Tab tablets, now in its 3rd generation. From the handy YOGA Tab 3 8" to affordable YOGA Tab 3 10" to the high performance YOGA Tab 3 Pro, Lenovo is offering heavy media consumers, especially TV and movie bingers, some new choices for their next Android slate purchase.
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