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Google & T-Mobile file to support HTC in Apple lawsuit

T-Mobile and Google have both filed friends of the court briefs supporting HTC against Apple's patent lawsuit. The two corporations are protecting interests in the Android platform and its manufacturers, as both of them are actively supporting Samsung in a similar case. The reasoning behind their support briefs is the public interest, and both claim that if Apple keeps HTC from selling competitive devices, various negative effects will be felt by American consumers.

Oracle vs Google Android lawsuit to End

It's been over a year since we first reported that Oracle was looking into a suit against Google for its perceived infringement of their Java code, and we've finally come to a point where it appears that both parties are willing to reach, maybe, perhaps, a settlement. This settlement may well come in this newest announced move for a mediation meeting between representatives from Google and representatives from Oracle, this newest move sparking talk about how serious Google is taking the case and questions over whether or not they're prepared to defend themselves in a case that could, ultimately, believe it or not, end up in the destruction of Android as we know it today.

Apple opens another lawsuit against Samsung, This time in the Netherlands

Lets keep this short and sweet shall we. After Apple filed a lawsuit aiming to ban all Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in the European union and winning an initial injunction halting the sales in Europe everyone was up in arms. Samsung later responded and now we are seeing reports that Apple might have altered some of the evidence. This covered all of the European Union except for the Netherlands, so now Apple is headed for that region too.

Lawsuit Filed Against Motorola Mobility and Google, This Time it’s Not Apple

Lately when I've seen anything related to a lawsuit in technology news I've immediately thought of either Apple or Microsoft but mainly the first one. It is almost sad that they have came down to being known almost as much for that as they are for their products, but that is another story itself. Today new reports are claiming that a Motorola shareholder has actually filed a lawsuit against Motorola and Google both, or as I've been calling them -- Googarola.

Eric Schmidt Comments on the Apple Lawsuits

The big man at Google known as Eric Schmidt looks to be stepping in to share a few comments regarding the current lawsuits we have been reading about. Not only is HTC getting hit but Apple and their army of lawyers have been going after Samsung too. At a Google mobile conference in Tokyo, Schmidt was pretty confident it talking about not only Apple lawsuits but also the issue with Microsoft as of late.

How does Google control Android? Skyhook lawsuit reveals the details

The name Skyhook might not ring any bells for some readers, but they are the ones who are suing and filed lawsuits against Google back in September over the use of Skyhook in the Droid X. The Skyhook XPS WiFi and cell tower positioning system was going to be used in the Droid X and was pulled at the last minute at Google's request. The entire Skyhook lawsuit has been on the low as of late, but new documents reveal just how Google goes about removing things like Skyhook from mobile phones, and how they use specific Google applications and guidelines to control Android.

HTC ChaCha and Motorola Xoom both get lawsuits for device names

Looks like both HTC and Motorola have lawsuits coming at them this week over the names of some recently announces devices. If you have ever heard of, or used ChaCha before then you probably could see this Lawsuit coming from the day HTC announced the ChaCha. Apparently there is a company called ChaCha that is one of those Question Answering Services. They have recently filed lawsuits for trademark infringement on HTC over the use of the ChaCha name. If you'd like to know more or see this "FaceBook Phone" in action here is our HTC ChaCha Hands-On.

Android Faces Massive Lawsuit at Hands of Oracle

No, not the one in the Matrix, the one that owns Sun Microsystems, a group whose Java codes Google appears to have been using without proper authorization in both Android 2.2 Froyo and 2.3 Gingerbread. This case appears to have definite footing as IP expert Florian Mueller brings forth 37 files discovered in Android 2.2 and 2.3 that were labeled “PROPRIETARY/CONFIDENTIAL” by Sun, and had a copyright notice file saying “DO NOT DISTRIBUTE!” This could be big, big trouble for Android and Google. Furthermore, Mueller found a few more files in Android which look very likely to have been decompiled from Sun's original Java code. Earlier in this case Google has argued that Oracle omitted copyright headers from several of these controversial Java files - it not appears that the company may have replaced the original proprietary license with a GPL 2 header even though Oracle may not have authorized such an action. Mueller writes:
“Google said in its formal response that Oracle had omitted “copyright headers”. That is correct, but now that I have seen two versions of the original file, I don’t think that the missing parts are favorable to Google. Actually, the opposite is true. Whether under a proprietary license or the GPL, the related code could not be legally relicensed under the Apache license by anyone other than the right holder (Oracle/Sun)”
Looks like this could be a gigantic bummer for Google, and not only just for Android - for the groups using Android to sell massive amounts of phones, aka manufacturers, distributors, mobile service carriers... everyone has a chance to get hit really hard by this, including the webpage you're reading this on right this second, Android Community. No more Android, no more fun. [Via SlashGear]

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against T-Mobile and Samsung Over Lack of Froyo Update to Vibrant

Whoa, escalation much? Take a peek as XDA member MicBeast files a class action lawsuit against both T-Mobile and Samsung over their apparent holding back of updates to telephones (specifically of Android 2.2 Froyo and 4G speeds to the Samsung Vibrant.) He says he's secured a lawyer, filed the lawsuit, and have explained all issues with them (the lawyers) and they agree that he has a very strong case.
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