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Spotify adds Android Preview app with Facebook sign-in and sharing

Now that United States citizens have been welcomed with open arms, Spotify's Android app is getting some much-needed love. The new version is available as a non-Market download from Spotify's blog, showing off some new social features. Users can now log in with either their original Spotify credentials or by connecting to Facebook - you don't even have to create a new account if you opt for the latter.

A week with CyanogenMod on the HP TouchPad [Video]

Like many out there, I jumped at the chance to get my hands on an HP TouchPad during its initial $99 fire sale specifically for the purpose of running Android on it. It's a very similar motive for when I bought a Barnes & Noble Nook Color, though in this case, I got a whole lot more tablet for the money. Like the Nook Color, the best (but not the first) option for running a full version of Android is the venerated CyanogenMod, now on its seventh version. I've spent the last week or so installing, customizing and generally playing with the one-two hardware and software combination - here are my impressions.

Ice Cream Sandwich SDK ROMs already in the works

Ideally, ROM developers wait for the open-source, AOSP version of the latest Android release before building a new ROM. But there is something of a work-around: industrious programmers can take pieces of the SDK and cobble together a working phone or tablet ROM. A good example is the various community-authored versions of Honeycomb based on its Software Development Kit. Now preliminary versions of Ice Cream Sandwich based on the recently-released SDK are already making their way onto the Nexus S.

CyanogenMod TouchPad gets a second alpha, limited numbers shipping from HP

The indefatigable modders at RootzWiki have released their second version of CyangonMod 7 for the HP TouchPad, which might be making its way into more consumers' hands very soon. According to Liliputing, limited orders are shipping again from HP, filling out the rush of initial $99 and $149 orders from August. Apparently retailers aren't getting any more stock, so it's safe to put the camping tent and lawn chairs away.

Ice Cream Sandwich will include built-in screen capture

It's about time. The officers over at Android Police have uncovered some code that indicates Ice Cream Sandwich phones starting with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be able to take screenshots without any additional software or rooting. The addition is a long time coming - while screenshot capabilities have technically been a part of Android since its beginning, it's always been a bit of hassle. The new process will allow any user to take a screenshot by pressing the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time.

11 Android games running on CyanogenMod’s TouchPad alpha

The industrious guys at CyanogenMod have finally released their first version of CM7 for the HP TouchPad, and thrifty geeks all over the Internet are getting in on the action. The little people at Liliputing have put together a 10-minute video showcasing the TouchPad's Android gaming prowess, and for the most part have come away with good experiences. The odd resolution and general bugginess of the Alpha software diminishes the games somewhat, but everyone should be able to find something fun to play.

CyanogenMod for TouchPad update video hits

We talked a bit about the CyanogenMod a few days back when version 7.1 was said to be coming soon. Today a new video has been spied on YouTube offering a video update for the CM7 TouchPad hopefuls out there. This is the mod people are waiting for with anxiety to turn those neigh worthless TouchPads into Android tablets with a future.

CyanogenMod 7.1 released, HP Touchpad version coming in a few weeks

Rejoice, custom ROM users, because the grandaddy of 'em all has just updated. CyanogenMod, easily one of the most-used custom Android ROMs around, has released its latest version with support for new devices and a shopping list of feature updates. Even more exciting, those of you who picked up an HP Touchpad during the $99 fire sale (and I suppose those poor souls who paid the full retail price) might soon be able to enjoy a taste of Gingerbread on your cheap tablets.
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