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AndroidDevCamp 1 being held in Dallas

Today an event called AndroidDevCamp is being held in Dallas Texas to help developers prepare for further developing for the Android platform. Developers will be able to learn from not one but two of the Android Developers Challenge winners.

Jason Hudgins, developer that worked on Tunewiki (and that is now a part of ShopSavvy), along with Rylan Barnes, the original developer of GoCart (now known as ShopSavvy) will be demonstrating their applications and sharing development experience on Google’s Android platform. Basic points that will be covered during the camp are: How to get started on Android, Google’s Android Developers I and II, lessons learned in the development of ShopSavvy and understanding Android fundamentals. The event will include breakout sessions where developers can share ideas and form working groups to begin building Android apps. AndroidDevCamp 1 in Dalas is being sponsored by SpringStage and hosted in the Big in Japan/Architel offices located in the Dallas INFOMART. They can support around 75 'campers' for the day. AndroidDevCamp is organized by Anuj Bhatia, Alexander Muse, Rylan Barnes and Jason Hudgins. If you are interested in sponsoring, helping, organizing or hosting an event please email Alexander Muse at amuse 'at' Event location: Infomart 1950 Stemmons Fwy Suite 2022 Dallas, TX 75207 Photo courtesy of Android Community member heyitsnan. [Via Upcoming - Yahoo]

Google returns applications to the Androd Market

Google has started replacing the applications in the Android Market after taking down 75 percent of them on Monday. Developers quickly chimed in telling us that that the applications that were available the week before were demo apps, they are now putting the production versions of them all back but this time they are slipping in a few godsend apps as well.

Google plans on having between 40 and 50 applications ready to go in the Android Market by the time the phone is “officially” released. Applications that were previously in the Android Market such as ShopSavvy, Any Cut, Shazam and PicSay back now back accompanied by new apps like MySpace Mobile, imeem and Moile Banking by Bank Of America. PicSay is a solid, easy to use picture editing applications that allows you to do simple things such as add a conversation bubble or ad add color to photos that are on your microSD card. Imeem is a music based application similar to Pandora for iPhone. This application allows you to search for popular music and stream it directly to your device. Photo courtesy of Android Community member heyitsnan.

Android Community Week in Review – Week 42 2008

What a week it has been for Android Community. We started off with a story about T-Mobile selling 1.5 million G1 handsets already in pre-orders. T-Mobile has refused to comment on these numbers, suggesting that they are far too high. Logically, if the actual numbers were the same as reported or higher, T-Mobile more than likely would have happily taken the credit. We also got the chance to put out the first ever exclusive Android Community hands-on G1 review!

We were really excited to be able to completely go through and test the G1 this past week. We found the G1 was very small and sturdy in your hands. The user interface was amazingly responsive and easy to navigate. Applications such as TuneWiki and ShopSavvy (formally known as GoCart) still have me in awe. However not everything about the G1 was something to celebrate. The battery dies extremely quickly, we have been led to believe that it is the lack of a way to end background processes such as applications. We have found that GPS does not work in all cities. We were able to quickly find our location in Scottsdale AZ, however the G1 was not able to locate positions in Manhattan NY. We are not sure if it is a firmware issue or network issue. Google has a killswitch in their operating system that can disable applications remotely "just in case". Unlike Apple with the iPhone, Google was very upfront with letting the public know about it. Motorola hinted that the new 350-member Android team is working on a social networking based Android-powered handset. Information about this handset came from an ad placed for a position on their Android development team. Microsoft may one day bring their Flash-equivalent to Android with their Silverlight program. This would be a large advantage for the Android platform over the iPhone which currently does not have Flash. Handango will be the first to bring both free and paid applications to the Android Market. This is good news for new G1 owners who are looking for popular applications such as Garmin turn-by-turn directions. Many mobile gamers will be happy to know that games such as Spore may be on their way to the T-Mobile G1 very soon. Not many people use Gmail to synchronize their contacts, the vast majority of people use Microsoft Exchange to manage their address books. Out of the box the G1 does not support Exchange synchronization, but it didn't take long for Wrike to create an application that will sync your Exchange contacts to your phone. Currently it only supports one way synchronization, but they promise to soon have two-way functionality. Here at Android Community we have had a lot going on, our community member Designdawg has created what now is our site banner. We were so impressed that we even made a few limited-edition shirts using the design. We are just about to wrap up our Golla G1 case giveaway. We have had 11 winners so far, the last contest winner will be announced on October 22nd, the day the G1 is set to launch. We also held the official Android Community G1 launch party in Texas, hopefully a real treat for our members; the lucky few close enough to take part got to meet the people behind Android Community and some walked away with some really nice prizes. Photo courtesy of Android Community member heyitsnan.

Handango expands to Android; sponsors Application contests

The leader of smartphone applications globally, Handango Inc, announced that they will be the first retailer to offer both free and paid applications for the first Android-powered smartphone that will be launched on October 22nd.

Handango distributes applications created by some of the largest names in mobile applications such as Microsoft, Garmin, Ea Mobile and Capcom Interactive. Until now Handango only supported the four largest mobile operating systems such as Windows Mobile, Palm, Blackberry and Symbian platforms. Handango coming to Android is fantastic news for soon to be G1 owners as well as future Android owners because of the large amount of applications they offer. Handango will not bring one or two applications like many developers, but will bring a collection of applications ranging from utilities to popular mobile games. Handango offers some really useful applications that are very well put together such as Garmin turn by turn navigation.  Some of the applications Handango offers include Monopoly, Tetris, The Weather Channel, Voice on the Go, ShopSavvy, EZQuote and GoogHelper just to name a few.  However it's uncertain which of these apps will make their way over to the Android platform.
"Handango has always offered its customers the widest variety of smartphone apps available on the market and on all major operating systems," states Bill Stone, CEO Handango. "Handango is now offering developers the opportunity to sell the paid apps they create for the Android platform as well as offer any free apps when the first Android device launches. Customers can purchase apps via the Web and then download them to their device."
Developers can now add applications to their Handango account and sell them in one of three ways, by giving the application away for free, selling the application for a one-time purchase fee or sell the application for a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription fee. As much as I am not a fan of subscription based application buying, large companies such as Garmin offer their services primarily on a month to month basis. Very few games however can justify purchasing a short term subscription, online mobile games are the exception in this case because of incurred expenses. In efforts to push more applications into the Android Market around the G1 launch date, Handango is also sponsoring an application contest to the best free and the best-paid Android application that is uploaded to the Handango catalog by November 7th. Each winner will receive  a $25,000 advertising allowance within Handango’s marketing initiatives, including email marketing, featured products on, paid and natural search keywords, online advertising, PR and promotion on affiliate programs. Such a large advertising allowance would allow many applications that do not have much of an advertising budget to get the word out about their application. Applications hosted by Handango are generally not free, it seems that applications that must go through Handango are going to be priced a little higher than those that go directly through Android Market as Handango take their tithe for providing the service. Photo courtesy of Android Community member heyitsnan. [Via prnewswire]

Android Community Week in Review – Week 40 2008

More and more information about future Android-powered handsets surfaced this week. Samsung and LG apparently won't be releasing a handset until at least Q3 2009, giving T-Mobile more than amazing sales opportunities. T-Mobile expects to sell half a million handsets in 2008 alone.

Motorola has confirmed rumors that they are expanding their Android team by as many as 300 members. In other rumors, Nokia and Verizon were reportedly spotted at a recent Android developer conference put on by Google. We also heard that China Mobile may be working on a TD-SCDMA 3G Android Phone. Android Community also managed to get an exclusive hands on with the G1 and award winning Android application ShopSavvy, formerly known as GoCart. The app you to scan a barcode at the store, and immediately get local store prices as well as online prices for that particular item. Android Community has also undergone several new changes and upgrades. Our new layout is now much better organized and hopefully easier to navigate. We are happy to announce the addition of our Knowledge Base (KB), which includes General Guides and Tips & Tricks. We have also added a user blog where you can blog about anything you wish: happy about getting your G1, just blog about it! Now users can upload personal pictures to our Member Photo Album or submit Android related photos to your flikr page. Special thanks to Ewdi for putting in the time and effort to make this site what it is. Many of us are very excited to hear that the G1 will be ready for 16 Gig microSD cards right out of the box. More astonishing news was heard with the explanation of Applications Without Boarders. The simple concept of applications being able to share data and work off of each other. Several different applications may now use the same database library created by another. Screen shots of BestBuy's inventory hint that they will be receiving the G1 in November. While no one can confirm this as of yet, it looks highly possible with the time frame in which BestBuy received the iPhone 3G. Andy Ruben spoke about the differences between Android Market and Apple's App Store, and has revealed there will be no bandwith limitations for Android applications, T-Mobile has asked that developers with free apps, that take more than 15 Megabytes a month for a single user, pay a $2 monthly fee. With the recent demand of the G1 T-Mobile has tripled the production of G1 handsets available for pre-order before October 22nd and managed to sell through them all already. Android software engine Andy Stadler spoke about how Android is fully embedded with search. T-Mobile has officially released the G1 emulator with 360 view. This emulator allows you to go thought the phone almost as if you had it in front of you. Photo courtesy of Android Community member heyitsnan.

G1 GPS confirmed!

Just announced was T-mobile’s G1, the first Android handset to be released. With an open-source OS this phone is going to be one stiff competitor to the iPhone 3G. One thing that was not mentioned during the announcement was GPS, the ability to use satellites to ascertain the handset's location.

Not to worry though, HTC’s newly posted specs page reads; "GPS navigation capability with built-in GPS receiver and map software". GPS is key in many of the applications submitted to the Android Developers Challenge. With developers in control of this device, it knows no bounds. With applications such as Amazon CompareAnywhere, ShopSavvy and Ecorio this device is a top competitor of any phone on the market.

It looks like HTC did not skimp on anything here. This fast multitasking device is packed with many up to date features such as 3.2-inch TFT-LCD flat touch-sensitive screen with HVGA (320 X 480 pixel) resolution, full 5-row QWERTY keyboard, one-click Google search, High-speed 3.5G network connection, Wi-Fi with seamless transition to open networks, 3.1 megapixel camera with auto focus and microSD (SD 2.0 compatible) with up to 8GB cards supported.

Big in Japan wins again: $700k startup funding

Big in Japan's bank account will be receiving its second major deposit of the year, as the company secured $700,000 of startup funding from Architel, an IT infrastructure company that also offers investment in early-stage Dallas-based tech firms. The money will be used both to develop ShopSavvy, the app Big in Japan are best known for, and the company itself into an "idea factory".
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