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Motorola Droid 3 Release Date July 14th at Best Buy

That is, if a photo of a screen as posted by DroidAttic is to be believed. No less reputable than any other in-store photo of a display, I suppose, yes? The site this information comes from is a rather simple Android blog that appears to get a lot of leaks in - just yesterday they apparently also got news from an inside source that said the DROID Bionic would be released in July. That lines up with our "find" of the Motorola tweet that said we'd be getting the Bionic "on time" and a suggested HTC event that's aimed at late June - but that's in England.

Android Community Weekly : May 21, 2011

Welcome to the very first edition of Android Community Weekly! It's here that we'll be providing you with a week-by-week look at all the Android news from every perspective you could possibly want to see it from. We appreciate those of you who participated in our Xoom Giveaway, and urge you to stay tuned in for any future promotions! Meanwhile get attuned to the week's must-know stories and get yourself on the knowledge train and take it all the way to Expertville!
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