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Leef Access microSD memory card reader unveiled

We've seen various external storage solutions for mobile devices, and it looks like another has since been unveiled. Leef Technology has released the Leef Access, which is a dongle that makes use of an existing microSD memory card and then plugs into your Android smartphone using a microUSB connection.

Nest hit with lawsuit claiming devices are rubbish

Nest, makers of “smart home” devices like thermostats and smoke detectors, have been met with a lawsuit. The plaintiff named in the suit claims the thermostat produced by Nest actually cost consumers money rather than produce savings, as it claims. He is asking that the case be given class action status, pointing to various message boards as evidence of Nest’s lack of performance.

EE’s introduces Kestrel, a 4G LTE mid-range device

The UK has their first true LTE mid-range device. EE is responsible for bringing this one to the masses, with their self-branded Kestrel. The device, in addition to being an LTE capable handset, has another feature many will be interested in: a staggeringly low price tag.

HTC Separates many Sense services into Android apps

When Google started splitting services from Android proper, it was stroke of genius. Take things like Keyboard or Search and make them standalone apps, then update as needed. It keeps things fresh, and HTC clearly took note. They’ve released a few of their new services as apps onto Google Play, making it easier to support their products across their lineup.

HTC accessories for their new One (M8) detailed

With the new HTC One (M8), a slew of official accessories can be had with it. Like they did last year, HTC has released a lineup of official accessories meant to enhance your experience with their handset. Between a phone to accompany their phone, and the usual lineup of cases and battery packs, the One (M8) accesory lineup is already better than what’s on offer for most devices.
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