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Fallout Shelter finally arrives (for real) on Android devices

If you’re familiar with the hugely popular Fallout video game series, then this is something that will interest you: the latest spin-off game, Fallout Shelter, is now finally on Android, almost two months after it was initially released on iOS. It may be a different kind of gameplay for those used to the post-apocalyptic RPG, but it’s still interesting enough to keep you occupied and might even appeal to those who hated the violence and depressing look of the original games.

Samsung adds more compatible devices to Game Recorder+

It seems that recording yourself while playing a game has become a continuing trend among mobile gamers. It started out with someone filming the gamer, complete with reactions (hopefully unscripted), commentary and all. And then apps that are specific to this purpose came along, bringing a bit of sophistication to the recording. Then OEMs started making built-in apps for game recording, including the newer models of Samsung. Now their Game Recorder+ has been updated to include more devices and optimized performance as well.

Parallels Access now allows new file sharing service in any size

The Parallels Access app recently received an update to allow large file sharing even without any cloud service. This also improves uploading time of different files, big or small in size. With the app, you can easily manage your files right from the desktop agent, as well as, use easy native touch gestures on mobile devices. With Parallels Access, remote connection to your home or work computer is made faster and easier from wherever you are.

Samsung Galaxy S7 to run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor

After the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are announced this week, the next major flagship phone we should be waiting for is the Galaxy S7. Samsung is scheduled to release it next year 2016 but as with previous Galaxy S models, we can expect numerous rumors, leaks, and speculations to come out. As early as now, we heard that the next Galaxy S7 will be powered by a Snapdragon 820. Surprised? Not really but Qualcomm has yet to release the chipset so yeah, it may be to early to say.

Qualcomm outs Snapdragon 412, 212 for budget and midrange devices

Chipset manufacturer Qualcomm had to update their entry level and lower midrange chipsets last year because of the growth of 4G data connectivity. That meant even entry level and midrange devices were expected to have LTE connectivity. That demand resulted in the production of the Snapdragon 410 and 210 SoC’s (system-on-a-chip). Today we see those chipsets being updated with better features in the Snapdragon 412 and 212.

Become an IT management pro with 2-Yr training access [DEALS]

Computers run the world today, both literally and figuratively. It pays, again literally and figuratively to be knowledgeable about information technology and computer security. You can even make a career out of it! But if you don't know where to start, then you can start with this iCollege IT Security and Management Bundle that will teach you all the skills and knowledge to become an effective IT professional. For less than $69, you get two-year access to courses from CISA and CompTIA just to name a few, helping you build yourself up for the ultimate IT career.

Google announces new holding company Alphabet; Pichai new Google CEO

Major changes are afoot in Google. In fact, the holding company Google is no more. Co-founder Larry Page announced in a post today the creation of a holding venture called Alphabet, where Google will be just one of the companies under it. Page will serve as CEO, while co-founder Sergey Brin will serve as President. Because of this, Sundar Pinchai will now become CEO of Google, as Page enthuses he has been doing such a great job managing the product and engineering side of business.

ASUS shows off new ZenFone, ZenPad devices in India

Avid ASUS fans will be happy to know that the Chinese gadget maker unveiled a number of new devices at the recent ZenFestival in New Delhi, India. New ZenPad and ZenFone models were finally announced. The company has finally given us a glimpse of the ASUS ZenPad 8.0, ASUS ZenPad 7.0, ZenFone Selfie, ZenFone 2 Deluxe, and the ZenFone 2 Laser.

Runtastic fitness firm announces acquisition by Adidas group

If you’re a fitness aficionado who relies on digital technology to fuel your drive and to monitor your activities, chances are you’ve used one of Runtastic’s many apps and features at one time or another. Depending on how you feel about Adidas, this next piece of news may be good or bad for you. The founders announced that they have joined the Adidas group and will now be part of this sports empire, but as a separate entity.
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