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Vizio tablet ship date tipped by Walmart leak

Vizio managed to take the HDTV market by storm and quickly moved to become the top brand of HDTV sold in the US beating out much more established rivals. Vizio is now set to try to do something similar with the tablet market and its interesting 8-inch Vizio tablet. You might remember that tablet; it surfaced on video not too long ago when Vizio hooked NBA player Blake Griffin up with a new home theater.

Vizio VIA Tablet priced by Walmart: On sale soon?

Vizio's 8-inch tablet, the VTAB1008, looks set to land in Walmart sooner rather than later. The Android slate - which we saw Blake Griffin fondling yesterday - hasn't been spotted itself, but the Walmart price card has been caught on camera by a This is my next tipster. According to that card, the Vizio will be $349 and have a front-facing camera, GPS, VIA Plus for intercompatibility with the company's TVs and other products, and access to the Android Market. We recently saw the slate cross through the FCC complete with AT&T 3G support, though there's no mention of wireless connectivity on this Walmart model. Vizio announced the "VIA Tablet" back at CES in January, alongside a similarly Android-powered VIA Phone, and promised a summer release. What's unclear is whether Vizio has added Honeycomb to the tablet in the meantime, or if it will launch running a smartphone version of Android.

Blake Griffin gets hands on the new Vizio tablet

If you follow the NBA, you might recognize the name Blake Griffin. Griffin is the NBA Rookie of the Year. Vizio has hooked up with Griffin, set his house up with a cool new Vizio 65-inch 3D TV, and brought the new Vizio tablet along for the ride that isn't out yet. A guy that is apparently the Vizio rep then walks Griffin and the rest of us along in what the tablet can do when paired with a Vizio TV. The system is very interesting.

Envizions EVO 2 game console brings Android gaming to your TV

If you are a big fan of Android gaming and you want to get some of those games onto your TV without having to hook your smartphone or tablet up to your HDTV Envizions has a very cool new product for you that can be pre-ordered right now. The gaming console is called the EVO 2 and it runs the Android operating system inside. The game console will include an EVO TV remote, EVO game controller, and a HDMI cable all at a price of $250.

Vizio Android-powered smartphone crosses FCC on path to AT&T

Back in January during CES the company that most of us know for cheap HDTV sets called Vizio was showing off some new wares that it was working on for the market. These new gadgets included and Android-powered smartphone and a tablet as well. Considering how Vizio tore up the HDTV market in short order, anything that this firm comes up with gets my attention as a product to watch. I wrote a bit about the tablet and the smartphone back in January during CES.

Engadget goes hands on with Vizio Android phone

The geeks over at Engadget went hands on with the Vizio Android phone at CES today and the thing looks really cool. They point out that the phone they played with is in early production stages and that neither the hardware nor software is ready for production. Apparently, the design and user interface of the device has lots of promise.

Vizio Via Phone and Via Tablet get official ahead of Summer release

Vizio's new Android-based tablet and phone have been previewed by the WSJ, with the Vizio Via Phone having a 4-inch screen and the Via Tablet having an 8-inch screen. Both will get Android Market access, according to the company, along with WiFi connectivity. The Via Phone has a 5-megapixel rear camera and a front-facing camera for video calls, while the Via Tablet has a front-facing camera and three speakers. Each will have an HDMI port and a similar UI to the Vizio range of HDTVs; there'll also be remote control apps, so that users can control their TVs from the phone or tablet. Finally there's Via Plus Internet service access, which means Netflix support thanks to Vizio's existing HDTV deal with the streaming content provider. Both tablet and phone will launch in summer 2011, pricing tba.

Vizio to Announce Android Phone and Tablet

Vizio is a popular brand, and although it's not considered "The Golden Standard" by many, they are some of the best TVs around at the best prices. Vizio is set to unveil its first Android phone and tablet, both based on Android, ahead of CES.

Samsung shuts down Video and Music Hub, Music, Books

In the latest in a series of changes that Samsung is making to its multimedia apps, they announced today that they are shutting down their Music and Video Hub, effective August 1, 2014. Just a few weeks ago, they also let users know that Samsung Music and Samsung Books will no longer be around by July 1. Instead, they are offering alternative apps courtesy of new partnerships that Samsung has entered into.
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