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Toshiba Thrive update will cure sleepy tablet next week

Toshiba is readying a new firmware update for the Thrive tablet, that will address the sleep issues some owners have reported. According to the company, "a software update to resolve this issue will be available early next week and can be accessed from the Service Station utility app found on the Thrive at that time." No explanation for the cause of the issue has been given. Some users have found that their Thrive tablet refuses to resume from standby when the power button is pressed, and requires a reset in order to get it working once more; others have had to pull the battery completely in order to get the slate functional. The new firmware will also "enhance the multimedia playback capabilities of the device" though the exact nature of that change has not been specified. More on the Toshiba Thrive in the full Android Community review. [device id=567]

Toshiba Thrive Review

Welcome to the Toshiba Thrive (aka the Toshiba THRiVE if you believe the box's interpretation of it.) This is a tablet we've been talking about since early 2010, a tablet of some legend - one that was said to possibly be the hero device for Honeycomb, then the hero device for Google to be giving away at their Google I/O conference this spring! But alas, none of that came true, and here we are with the thickest and possibly the heaviest tablet in the whole Android bunch. Will fun features such as a replaceable back panel and ports galore save this device from "it's not thin enough" fever?

Toshiba Thrive Hands-on and Unboxing

We've received none other than the Toshiba Thrive Android 3.1 Honeycomb tablet in the mail and it's that time again - unboxing to the max! This device as you may well know is already available at your local Best Buy store in the sweet tablet area they've got going on, up for sale for you for one of the following prices: $429.99, $479.99, or $579.99 - the difference between these three being the hard drive of 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB. We've got the 16GB version on hand here and we'd just LOVE to show you around.

Toshiba Thrive users reporting issues with waking tablets up

Earlier this month the Toshiba Thrive tablet landed for fans of the Honeycomb device to grab up at Newegg, Best Buy and several other retailers. Things seemed fine with the tablet at the start and now there is a bunch of users having a bothersome issue with the tablet. Over on the Toshiba Forums there are multiple pages of users reporting that the tablet won't wake from sleep mode and that a reboot is required.

Toshiba Thrive tablet hits at least one Best Buy early

There are many Android tablet fans out there waiting with anticipation for the Toshiba Thrive to land in stores so they can go in and pick one up. The Thrive hit pre-order with Best Buy last month. The ship date on those pre-orders wasn’t offered, but the rumored launch date for the tablet has been July 10. Apparently, at least one Best Buy has the Thrive on hand and ready to sell already.

Toshiba Thrive Shown off in Neat Video, Even Giving a few Tablets away for FREE

Apparently Toshiba really likes their new Android 3.1 Honeycomb Tablet and they have made what looks to be one of the best hands-on and unboxing videos I've ever seen. Full of animation and CGI this is definitely worth the watch. The video covers most of the specs of the device so my job just got really easy and I just will show you the good stuff I guess. After you watch the amusing video don't forget to check out the source link and enter for your chance to win your own Toshiba Thrive.

Toshiba Thrive Tablet Delayed for Android 3.1 Honeycomb, Model Number Updated

We've been following wild and crazy tablet for what seems like forever. This is the tablet that at one point was being called the next Nexus T, aka the next hero Google device. This device was the United States version of Japan's Toshiba Regza, both of these devices essentially one in the same save for the Japanese version's silver back as opposed to the Thrive's black. We've heard of major delays for this device as well as prices sitting right around $429 or so with a few snips up or down here and there today. Finally, only a week ago we were told there were going to be pre-orders for this tablet sooner than later. What have we learned today?
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