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Samsung releases source code for Stratosphere, Transfix, and more

Samsung has been doing all of the developers and Android tinkerers a solid lately and have been releasing the source code for many popular devices, often times before they even launch. They've now released said codes for the Stratosphere, Transfix, Galaxy Y Pro and more all before they've even been officially launched. Source codes and kernels are essential for developers to tweak and customize Android and build kernels and all those other things we all love about Android.

Verizon gets Samsung Stratosphere with LTE and QWERTY keyboard

Verizon has announced a new smartphone that is a first for the carrier. The new smartphone is called the Stratosphere and it has some very cool features. One of the biggest features is that the smartphone has 4G LTE service inside. The smartphone is aimed at the business user that sends lots of texts and emails. Its other big feature is a slide out QWERTY keyboard.

Samsung Stratosphere 4G LTE Slider Press Shots Leak

Well guys, what we have here is Verizon's first 4G LTE QWERTY Slider smartphone. This is the Samsung Stratosphere we first heard about at the beginning of August and the name being Stratosphere made us all think it would be something big, or tall, but I guess it will be fat and a slider instead. This is basically a Epic 4G turned Verizon with some 4G LTE radios inside.

Leaked Verizon Roadmap Reveals All, HTC Vigor, Bionic, Samsung Stratosphere and More

You guys might want to sit down if you're reading this, or at least go grab a towel. Apparently someone leaked a HUGE list of all the goodies and upcoming products for Verizon and most likely a few heads will be rolling for this one. This includes some serious details such as the HTC Thunderbolt replacement, a new Galaxy Tab, the Samsung Stratosphere, other 2.3 devices and more. We even get the release/launch dates too, awesome!

Samsung Stratosphere Headed to Verizon?

With a name like the Stratosphere we can only assume this thing is reaching for the top, or the clouds I should say. It appears Verizon made a support page for the upcoming Samsung Stratosphere and then quickly removed it. It's worth noting many other Verizon handsets all have similar pages so this could prove to be the name of a new phone or the rumored Samsung Galaxy S II 4G LTE phone.

Content is king: social media apps update picture and video features

Social media is an ever-changing animal that brings about new trends, wants and needs everyday. Trends are not dictated by brands or social media entities, but by the users themselves. And while the adage that “content is king” still holds true for the most part, it is not content that can just be read: it lives, moves and breathes. In other words, pictures and videos are the content that rule the social media stratosphere as of this moment. The new updates on social media apps testify to this as well.
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