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HTC Kingdom Gets DLNA Certification as HTC Hero 4G

The HTC Hero was the first Android device bearing Sense to hit US shores. The HTC Kingdom has been a rumored device for awhile now, but we don't have much info about it. Today that has changed, as the Kingdom has received DLNA certification, as the successor to the Hero, the HTC Hero 4G.

Defeat your demons (we mean actual demons) in Brave Knight Rush

If you’re the type of mobile gamer that is not afraid of fighting against demons and spiris and all kinds of scary stuff, then you’d might want to get your hands (or phones) on this new game available for Android devices. Brave Knight Rush is an action adventure game, but the best part about it, aside from fighting off the hordes of demons bent on killing you, is that you get to fight with what is probably the best weapon of all: an actual fire-breathing dragon.

Wileyfox announces Cyanogen OS-running smartphones

Everyday, several new Android phones are being introduced. Most of them come from Android device manufacturers in South Korea, Japan, or China. This time, a new UK-based brand known as Wileyfox has just introduced a couple of new Android-powered smartphones. It's a bit of a surprise because it's from the United Kingdom but looks like our British friends want to compete within the Android game.

I/O apps for Project Tango now available in Play Store

At the I/O developer conference in May this year, Google presented to the world the progress with Project Tango. If you don’t know or remember what that is, this is the project to bring 3D mapping and rendering capabilities to tablets and smartphones via an array of cameras installed on a device with robust specs. At Google I/O this year, the mothership showed some apps that gave users some cool things to do with a Tango device. Those apps are now available to all via the Google Play Store.

Become a hero and conquer the world in Vikings: War of Clans

If you’re familiar with the historical Vikings (or even just watch the TV series on History Channel), then you’d basically know what to expect when a video game is named after and based on them. Yes, you have battles, conquests, power, fear, violence, drama, and all that comes in a neat little mobile game package with Vikings: War of Clans, now available on Android devices. Awesome realistic graphics plus engaging gameplay might make this your new favorite game.

Help Robin get his revenge in Little Raiders game on Android

When you see cute, adorable characters on games, you would think that the gameplay itself would be just as cute and chibi-like. Sad storylines, violence, danger, criminal acts would have no place there right? Well, one of the exceptions would be this game called Little Raiders Robin’s Revenge, now available on Android, and from the name itself, you would get that it is a vengeance adventure game, which is made tolerable by the cute graphics and characters that you get to play and encounter.

Android One finally rolls out in Thailand

Android One is rapidly becoming available in more countries. The mobile platform is now available in the United Kingdom , Turkey, and in several countries in Asia--ready to make bigger waves in the emerging markets. This Android One is Google's entry-level mobile OS for developing countries where resources are limited.

Commodore is back! No wait, false alarm…

Commodore is back! If you’re not familiar with the name, it’s the brand that started the personal computer revolution back in the 80’s. The most popular computer back then was the Commodore 64 and the company was proud to have shipped thousands of units everyday. Business was good, what with the company selling almost 17 million units and was once named as the biggest selling computer ever by Guinness. But fate was not as kind to Commodore and so in 1994, the company faced bankruptcy.
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