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Matt Waddell Starts the Android Day Off Scantastically

Just when you think we've seen enough of these little monsters (blasphemy!) we get a whole new way of peeking at them. A fellow by the name of Matt Waddell has appeared in our official Android Community Google+ feed* with images of our most beloved Android toys, some from the first sets that is, scanned with a flatbed scanner instead of photographed the way we've come to expect from our own best read reviews. Look at them! So very epic!

Behold, the Google Pod [Video Tour]

We're here still at Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona and we've filmed for all you non-travelers a short walkthrough of Google's magnificent presence in Building 8 of the convention. This "booth" is either the largest or one of the largest exhibits in the entire convention, and certainly many people's favorite. I'll get into a bit more about Google's tactics for going viral in the convention via creative advertising, but here we'll just take a walk through the big fat Google playground.

Android Toys Series 2 Tiny Preview

It was merely a year ago when the folks at DYZPlastic put out their first series of officially licensed Android toys, all of them designed by a dude named Andrew Bell, a guy also known as "Monsters in My Head." This time around it appears that more than just one designer will be involved in the design of these little lovely robots. So far we've got confirmation of Andrew Bell, Gary Ham, and even someone from inside Google, Inc!

Cai Shen Dao Chinese New Year God of Wealth Android Toy [REVIEW]

As I begin this review, I gotta say that I can't be very non-biased about this whole situation, as it's almost impossible to resist such a cute little man like this, especially when he's built on the bones of our favorite little robot Android! What I mean is I can't see why anyone would need any more incentive than to have one peek at this designer toy, this collectible, this piece of what some would refer to as urban vinyl. This little man is part of an extended series of Android figures you can collect, the same set that was carried up into space a few weeks ago! Don't worry about him floating off though, he's very down to earth.

Off-Brand Google Android Toys Walk Toward Total World Domination

Well would you look at that? It was bound to happen eventually, and this isn't the first time it's ever happened, but finally there are some super cute knock-off Android toys we can have walking along our desktops. In contrast with the super fine and amazingly well-made official Android toys that were launched into outer space, manufactured by DYZPlastic, and designed by Andrew Bell, these walking versions are made cheaply and to be used only in emergencies (like when you need an Android toy and only have $4.

Chinese New Year Android Mini Toy Added to Official Collectible Ranks

Hooray for more toys! It's always fun when a brand becomes big enough to spill over into other media, especially when it starts as something as complex as electronics and moves over to something as simple as collectable toys. This little cutie adds to the ranks of mini collectables put out by DYZPlastic and officially endorsed by Google. This newest addition to the crew is an undeniably super kawaii ultra cute Chinese New Year Android man by the name of Cai Shen, the god of wealth.

Snowman Android Toy Spurs Wallpaper for iPhone

Let me give you a bit of background on this whole situation. First, there was an official Android mini collectable toy, then a Vampire edition, then a DIY edition. Then there was a mini set of blind-boxed toys as well as a singular original edition. Then there was a snowman version designed by none other than one of my favorite artists ever Andrew Bell whose body of work is called "The Creatures in my Head." He created a super fun special edition Snowman Android toy (with the original toymakers who have a special deal going with Google) and now there's a fabulous digital wallpaper for iPhone. Strange? Wonderful.

Official Android Vinyl Toy CLASSIC Edition

As you might already know, DYZPlastic is the only place in the world where you can find the official collaboration with Google, Inc. to create high quality cute little plastic toys. They've made a blind box mini set where you can get any of 12 different designs (these are approximately 3" tall), and now you can get just the classic green/white Android by itself with no mystery at all! Hooray!

Android mini collectibles!

Coming soon to your desk: Google has teamed up with artist Andrew Bell to create a gaggle of miniature plastic Androids, to be sold individually or in cases of 16. The boxes are generic, so it's luck of the draw as far as which one you'll get.  Unless you want a whole case.  But wait!  There will be "super rare chase editions." And this is only Series One.
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