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Google Maps updated with easy Street View access

Google Maps is no doubt one of Google's best projects ever since it actually began. It has changed the mapping and navigation industries big time. More enhancements have been made when the Android version was released because more people are no longer at risk of getting lost. Having a digital map on mobile device can be really helpful especially if you're going to or already in a new place you are not familiar with.

Yamaha announces their first MusicCast multi-room audio system 

Multi-room systems are becoming the in thing for the audio enthusiasts as you want to have access to your music wherever you are in the house. Yamaha is another brand that wants to get in the game. Their first foray into this product line is called MusicCast system that can integrate more than 20 products from the company like sound bars, monitors, speakers, and receivers. It also supports streaming from devices through WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and also for various formats.

Google Docs, Sheets updates bring more productivity to mobile devices 

Despite the various tools and features available on mobile apps, some people still prefer working on their files and documents on their desktops. We can’t really blame them, as programs and software on our computers are still sometimes the best way with which to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and then edit them. But when you’re on the go and would need to do something on the fly, then we have apps that are continually tying to make life easier, like Office mobile apps and Google’s productivity suite. Docs and Sheets now get additional features for this purpose.

Google adds interactive watch faces to latest Android Wear update

Android Wear recently received a new update that brings interactive watch faces to smartwatches. Not that such feature hasn't been available through various apps but it's now native on Android Wear. This means you only need to set a new animated watch face on the settings to have a moving image on the background you can even interact with.

LG announces new portable speakers ahead of IFA 2015

LG is looking to further expand its wireless audio product line by announcing two new additions, a few weeks ahead of the IFA 2015 in Berlin. The LG Music Flow P5 is a rectangular wireless speaker that does not compromise on sound quality despite its size. Meanwhile, the SoundPop 360 is for the more trendy user as it has a unique shape but also claims to maintain the sound quality that can come from LG.

Lego Batman Beyond Gotham now available for Android devices

Batman vs Superman may be coming to cinemas by 2016 and the new season of Gotham hasn’t started yet, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t go crazy over our favorite caped crusader. While console gamers are having a blast playing Arkham Knight, mobile gamers will not be left behind as Lego releases another Batman title and this time we’re going Beyond Gotham. This game is now finally available for Android devices as well.

Sony reportedly to release 4K X-Reality PRO for Xperia devices

The rumors that the upcoming Sony Xperia Z5+ phablet will be the first device to have a 4k display on a screen that size may have received even further confirmation. Sources are saying that the OEM will be releasing a new display software for upcoming Xperia devices and will also be updating their X-Reality, which means it may turn into their 4K X-Reality. While that high a resolution may not be ideal for smaller screens, there may be additional plans, like an updated software, to adjust the pixels to our normal eyes.

Skype for Business apps now on preview for Android devices

Gone are the days when all the people you need to meet with for work are actually located at your office (unless you work in a very traditional one). More often than not, the people you need to conference with are in different parts of the city, the country, or even the world. And while Skype is a good way to make free video calls, of course it isn’t very “professional” sounding or looking. That’s why they’re now introducing a preview of Skype for Business.

Samsung unveils a slew of stylish and functional Galaxy Note 5 accessories

Always expect Samsung to plan a major event when it's announcing new flagship products. Aside from wowing the mobile crowd with their sleek form and premium specs, Samsung managed to showcase some new accessories ready for the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+. Not much details are provided but the images are enough to tell us how you can accessorize and protect your next phablet purchase.
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