Swift Remote app update adds auto server discovery

Android users who want to be able to control their PC and other devices from their smartphone may be familiar with the Swift Remote app. The app has been updated with several new features that will make it easier to connect and use. The new version of the app is v1.2.0 and is available for download now.

Remote Link now available for non-ASUS devices

It used to be that our phones' only function was to send messages and make calls. But now, they have become so much more than that. They've become our personal digital assistant, our link to the world, our official camera, heck, even our friend. And there are lots of apps out there that give them additional functions. ASUS' Remote Link is one of those, and the newest update to the app means it can now apply even to non-ASUS devices.

Vivo X5Pro to be released very soon

This month started with a teaser of what is believed to be the Vivo X5Pro. What's special about this smartphone is the retina scanner based on the images we saw  earlier which also means an enhanced phone security. Vivo, a Chinese phone manufacturer, has been very aggressive lately introducing phones that can be on par with the latest ones from the more popular brands.

Google Fit updated with Android Wear, experimental step detection

With the numerous health and fitness related apps, wearables, and health bands, there really is no reason for you and me not to join the bandwagon. Actually, it's more than just following a trend. It's about finally deciding to be fit and healthy for your own good. Honestly, I can't say that I've seriously thought about it but with all these fitness goals being set by other people, I'm feeling guilty that I'm trying to convince myself it's time to get on my feet, work out, and eat right.

Gmail app improved once again, IMAP support now more reliable

There will never be an end to Google updating its native mail app. Gmail has been one of the top favorites of not just Android fans but also those using other mobile platforms because you can easily organize mails, search the inbox, and the tons of space that come with it. Only a couple of months after the last update of viewing all inboxes in one place, the app has just received another set of few improvements which include support for non-Gmail addresses (IMAP) being more reliable than ever.

DoCoMo gets new Arrows and Aquos flip phones

Flip phones seem very retro to me, but some people love the form factor. It gives you a longer handset that might be more comfortable for some to hold. At the same time, the flip form factor makes it easier to store the phone away. It’s also quite satisfying to flip your device shut to end a call rather than hunting for a button. Japanese carrier DoCoMo is set to get two new flip phones that fans of the form factor might appreciate.

NTT DoCoMo rolls out new smartphones, three models now available

New smartphones have just landed on NTT DoCoMo: the Sharp AQUOS ZETA SH-03G, Sharp AQUOS EVER SH-04G, and the Sony Xperia A4 SO-04G. All three phones are part of the 2015 summer lineup that consists of more smartphones and tablets, most of which will be released before the month of May ends.