Grad student analyzed Android Lock Patterns, presented predictability

Even if mobile security is improved and is actually better now compared to the last decade, password leaks and privacy issues will always be a problem. It might take us days to feature the biggest leaks to date but we're not gonna do that. What we promise to do is tell you how to safely manage passwords or at least teach you how to be safe from ruining your lives from prying eyes.

Solid-state electrolytes could improve battery technology

Let's talk batteries. You know those parts of gadgets and electronics that give them power or electricity are always important. You can have all those premium specs on a device but without any reliable battery, it's good as nothing. Today, the bigger the battery is inside a phone, it usually means better or longer battery life. There's also the issue that phone batteries must be removable so they can easily be replaced.

Protect and charge with Belkin Travel Rockstar Battery Pack

Battery problems are probably one of the things in common that mobile users have, regardless of platform or device. Until OEMs finally discover the holy grail of keeping our devices charged sufficiently, without sacrificing our actual usage of said device, then we’d have to rely on battery packs, extended batteries, mobile chargers, and all other gadgets they will be able to invent. One new player in the market from Belkin calls itself a 3-in-1 rockstar, but let’s see if we’ll be fans.

Trick your nosy friends browsing through your phone with Ninja Snap

Some apps are meant for learning something new. Some are meant to while away the time. Some are for trying to organize your life. Some are for deepening your life. While there are those that are simply meant for fun and to trick or prank your friends. Ninja Snap is one of those, and it is meant for those friends who love to nosily browse through your photos, even without asking for your permission. It’s time to get them back!

There’s now a place like Home on HERE for Android Beta

As the Wizard of Oz, or rather Dorothy, taught us, there really is no place like home. And before, navigation app HERE literally didn’t have a place like home on their app. But now, at least in the Android Beta version, you now can put your most frequent destination just one click away from every place you go to and from. HERE has made it easier for its users to go home however or wherever they may be coming from.

Install Xposed Framework on your LG G4 without custom recovery

Ok, so anyone who has plans of using Xposed Framework to spruce up your Android device’s OS will know that installing it would be a pain in the nether regions. It’s difficult enough to install via custom recovery (and root is required) that most people won’t bother. Unless you have an LG G4, where the installation just involves flashing the framework file. It’s that easy. Who knew?

Toon Wars lets you play real-time online tank battles

No HD or pixel-art graphics this time but rather just good old cartoon-ish graphics for your enjoyment. "Toon Wars" is a new multi-player tank battle game that takes place in a 3D battleground. Developed by Extreme Developers (yup, that's the name of the company), this is great for those who are into online battle gaming.

Turn back time with new Google Photos memory feature

Timehop started it all. Facebook’s On This Day feature followed suit. #ThrowbackThursday is a regular feature on social networks every, well, Thursday. Now, Google Photos is doing its part to bring you nostalgic feels by giving you a trip down memory lane. The opt-in feature will show you photos taken from a year ago, two years before that, and even as long as ten years back, as long as they are backed up on the app.