The folks at OUYA have come forward with an apology and credit for some of the Kickstarter backers. The details of this offer include a mention about how “it wasn’t OK that some of you” received the OUYA after it landed on store shelves. Basically, the OUYA team is apologizing that retail availability began before all the Kickstarter backers received their units. And just to drive the point home, the OUYA team has referred to this group as their “most loyal supporters.”

Anyway, the apology letter goes on to talk about how aside from the retail availability, some others had customer service related issues. Basically, the OUYA launch seems to have been less than the perfect experience they had been hoping for. But in an effort to make things better for those backers — OUYA is giving a leet credit. And by leet we mean just that, $13.37.


If you happen to have been one of those Kickstarter backers you may want to keep an eye on your email inbox. The OUYA letters have begun going out and it looks like they will be offering the credit, but also that it doesn’t necessarily have to be accepted. The letter mentions how “if you feel you’ve had a less-than-OUYA experience.”

More to the point, if you want the credit you will have to click a link in that email to claim your redemption code. Assuming you take them up on the offer you will then sign into your OUYA and head to Manage -> Account -> Payment Info and select the Redeem Code option. From here just enter your code and then start deciding what you will be using it to purchase.


  • EVHappy

    Oh, don’t be $%^&*()# by taking the money. They need the capital to keep on improving the games and the hardware. These people did a great job and service for gamers. Thanks, Ouya!

    • Carl McPherson

      Great job and service? Are you serious?? Some of the people that funded this console are still to have theirs delivered. They are an absolute disgrace!! Do you work for ouya?

    • Clay Young

      They can’t improve the hardware unless they release an Ouya 2 or a hardware revision, both of which would alienate owners of the first Ouya.

      • boonesimpson

        which they have already said they plan to do. They announced before shipping they envisioned refreshing the ouya yearly/bi yearly like mobile devices, not the 5-10 yr console cycle.

        On one hand, I get why they are doing it. Frankly I am disappointed in my ouya, but would imagine a tegra4 with GRID support (for steam) would be awesome.

        I also see the backer frustration when they announce v2 before they even shipped out V1

      • EVHappy

        That is their business plan. So, Clay, this is your opportunity to start a business to compete against them. You think you have a better idea, go for it! If you are so sure, then it is worth the risk. You can do it and good luck!

    • Jason Murray

      I backed Ouya, they were supposed to use my money to make the console a reality and instead used it to get more VC funding to build up retail distribution that’s _only_in_the_US_.

      I got my console after the US retail release when _people_who_did_not_back_the_project_ could go and buy it, and I’m still waiting for the extra controller that I also kicked in funds for.

      That’s a less-than-Ouya experience.

      I gladly took the store credit.

  • Chris

    I’m taking the money, I kickstarted this for about $300 and I’m still waiting for a console, I think accepting $13 worth of games is pretty fair

  • I’m still curious about this thing, wondering if its worth the money.

  • boonesimpson

    I got my console before retail launch, but only by a few days.

    I have not decided if I want to RMA my controllers (the analogs suck) because some are saying that even the “fixed” controllers have the same issue.

    I will take the credit and buy a few games, maybe that will change my opinion since most games have been kinda “meh” (I admit part of that is I like single player games, ouya seems to cater to party games.)

    I am a bit disappointed in ouya, even though it is a “game console” I was really hoping for better support for media on the TV. XBMC isn’t optimized for the controller, netflix is unusable…liking my GTV more and more (and I was hoping the ouya would replace it.)

  • Ted_kazynski

    Too bad, all the squabbling during the pre release of what the Ouya was, and what it was competing against. Then during the release with so many people not getting it delivered in any sort of timely manner then when people finally got them, they got overall poor reviews. I really was pulling for it, but now I can’t see buying a tegra 3 powered device when I opted for a Nexus 7 instead last year.

    I honestly want a console like the ouya, but I want to see a more powerful version with more features. It would be cool if they could make that Leap on kickstarter to work with it. As an Android device it would be cool to see the Ouya 2 with more emphasis on multimedia and more Android in general.

    I still want to see an Ouya 2, but I don’t know how many people would buy it after this whole hype mess.