Many users are starting to notice that an update is available for the original HTC Desire. The update, version 2.29.405.5 is said to fix some minor bugs in the device’s Android 2.2 operating system.

HTC has not made any announcement as to what is fixed but the update does come with some warning from various forum users. Users are reporting trouble when applying this update to devices that have been “debranded” in any way. So if you have been tweaking your phone or experimenting with alternative software, it’s best that you avoid this update until further information is made available.

Have you received the update? Has any problems come up? Let us know!

[Via EuroDroid]

  • Bogdan

    I made that update one week ago and till now i don’t have any bugs with my Desire.

  • peter

    I had this update some days ago too. No problems here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hoss

    I just had to replace mine yesterday…. I lost internet n couldn’t make calls. N got a error message from a different carrier.

  • Lena

    After the update all seven home screens are empty ๐Ÿ™ No clock, no weather, no program and so on… – all gone.

  • Brio

    Got update everything is fine ๐Ÿ™‚

  • shadow0208

    Got the update ,no issues as of now..

  • okin33

    Just tried to flash the update to my unlocked/debranded rooted desire, and it wouldn’t complete the installation.

  • Nick

    how do you do this update :S i did the *#*#2432846#*#* thing but nothing happened

  • Met

    Like the previous update, I faced the issue of not having enough free internal storage on the phone. But unlike with the previous update, it didn’t tell me what the reason was when it failed the installation.
    Make sure you have at least 25 MB of internal phone storage when trying to install this.

  • frank

    i have/had unlocked/rooted desire,there was an OTA upgrade sent to phone,could`nt put on phone.i then d/loaded full ROM(2.29.405.2)to computer >USB to phone,perfect,no longer rooted.the other day saw another upgrade(2.29.405.5)no problem to put on phone OTA.

  • Since the first of these two recent unannounced updates the new version of the Market App doesn’t work. If it were possible to get rid of 2.2 and wait for Gingerbread, I would do it. Desire – Vodafone

  • geant

    All are fine after the update

  • Rhakios

    The update applied without problems to a standard sim-free HTC Desire. The only differences I have noticed are that the Android Marketplace seems to have a different front-end to the last time I looked and battery life is back to what it was before. The previous update seemed to shorten battery life by about half a day for me.

  • I updated my Desire yesterday,it went smoothly and this far i cannot find any problems.

  • Josh

    Is this for US Cellular HTC Desire customers also??

  • Kelly

    I have US Cellular too and I’ve been told for three months “maybe by the end of the year” and I still have not received any info that it’s available for our carrier yet. It’s beginning to irritate me since other carriers have had it available for a while. What’s the deal??

  • Hjarialomar

    Updated and lost the weather/clock (htc sense) gadget, had to clear data to restore it -> lost all saved scenes etc.

  • Louis

    Got today the message to update. Update it today. No problemo. (Netherlands)

  • Eddy

    I installed this update and I wish I hadn’t.
    The phone is slower at everything, noticeably ‘laggy’ when scrolling etc.
    Also, on New Year’s Eve of all nights, I see that the video doesn’t work! Press the optical button and…nothing. Rebooted many times and still broken. Also some icons are missing from my screens now, but I can’t remember what they were, just that they were there.
    All in all, a bad update for me.
    HTC Desire on UK 3 network, unmodified.

  • Can Balcฤฑ

    Updated Today and there is a problem on message times.Just arrived message is listed as an older one with older time…

  • Roberto

    I did the update just a few minutes ago on my unlocked/unbranded HTC Desire and nothing changed apparently, which I guess in this case is a good thing.

  • Romit

    Did the update about twelve hours ago, and have noticed no difference.

    Using an unmodified and unbranded htc desire

  • Primum

    This update won’t install on my debranded HTC Desire. First time that’s happened.

  • Psioneer

    Just updated on unlocked unbranded HTC Desire.
    Only thing I’ve noticed is that GPS is not constantly seeking anymore – the icon only now appears when I open an associated application

  • CrazyPaulo

    Just tried to update on debranded desire and failed (red triangle!)

  • mannyk

    red triangle during upgrade process on a rooted desire

  • Arsalan

    I updated my HTC Desire, got few problem:
    1. Bluetooth somtimes does’nt connect to my car
    2. when I go out of wifi range the data download doesn’t work unless I change the settings>wiireless & Networks>Mobile networks(unchecked then re select it)

  • Shahriar

    Red triangle during update

  • After upgarde the Linpack speed index went from 17 to 2.25. slow like hell. How do I roll back???

  • dboyr

    Same here. Since last update to 2.29.405.5 lots of bad things. Wireless does not switch on and 3g off when in range of my wireless router. Battery consumption increased, default browser hangs in 80-90% cpu, etc etc etc !!!!

    This the worst update. If anyone knows how to rollback, please let us know.
    HTC Desire.

  • esli_k

    Got my update today in the Netherlands. Exept my version is 2.29.405.2

  • Dave

    Unbranded desire (originally T-mobile). Installed previous OTA updates using goldcard, but this one gives red triangle on reboot. Guess I’ll have to leave it for now…

  • Ccjjll

    Still waiting for my update

  • Mike

    Hi I received an update yesterday, i excepted the update while the phone was on charge overnight. In the morning when i went to use the phone after download, i found that all my apps were not working as they should. they were just freezing, not doing anything. I am really gutted that i downloaded the damn thing. can any one help???????????

  • Eldon

    Downloaded 2.29.405.5 now in Jan11 my battery life has plumetted from one day to half a day if that. The calander used to let you set multiple reminders to your entries. Now you are limited to one. My camera app no longer works. It just jumps right back to the home screen.

  • CordelliG

    htc desire original simlock free from vodaphone,when restarting trying to upgrade red triangle with esclamation mark in the center…so i cant install the update,my phone is original.
    I have 30 mb free space and battery was chargeing at 60%

  • CordelliG

    htc desire original simlock free from vodaphone,when restarting trying to upgrade red triangle with esclamation mark in the center…so i cant install the update,my phone is original.
    I have 30 mb free space and battery was chargeing at 60%

  • Ljubisat100

    I updated my phone, as soon as I got it last week, and do far I have no problems with 2.29.405

  • Kda75350

    Still waiting for an update for my unlocked desire. I think chaps @ HTC are a confused bunch.

  • DC

    downloaded update, no problem. installed, and phone hung…same as CordelliG, red triangle.ย  my phone also in original state, o2 sim…anyone any ideas?