Opera Mini 4.2 final version for Android released

January 29, 2009

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Opera have announced a new version of the Opera Mini 4 browser for Android-based devices such as the T-Mobile G1.  The updated browser - which can be downloaded now from the Applications > Communications category in the Android Market - is in fact the first non-beta version of Opera's software for the platform, and brings with it new features such as file uploads and downloads, support for video playback and double-tap zoom control.

Opera first released a version of their Mini smartphone browser for the Android platform shortly after the OS itself was launched.  However certain missing features - notably the app's previous inability to call the video viewer - generally left users straddling both the standard browser and Opera Mini.

With this new update, which also brings with it a number of bug fixes, G1 users have the choice to leave behind the standard browser and switch completely to Opera Mini.  The app is a free download.

Changes from the beta version:

  • Now you can upload and download files through Opera Mini and save pages for offline viewing
  • Videos will be redirected to the system's video player
  • Double tap now works for zooming in and out
  • Inline URL entry instead of using native input
  • Fixed password text entry to hide characters
  • Fixed problems with exiting application when back button was pressed
  • Improved trackball speed
  • All internal pages, like the start page, now have font size extra large for easier navigation

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