Photo samples of the potentially disruptive OnePlus One have been leaked, and they show what cold be a world class camera. The shots, which you can see below, were allegedly taken with a 13MP camera. If accurate, OnePlus may have cracked the mobile photography code.

The shots are punching above their weight if they were taken with a 13MP camera on a smartphone. While the upcoming device is said to have a Sony lens, the software may be the real attraction for mobile photography enthusiasts. OnePlus currently runs a version of Cyanogen 11 over Android 4.4.2.

Color reproduction and noise are also excellent in the pics below. This is said to be part of OnePlus’ push to provide actual samples in a real world situation, not staged photo samples in altered environments. If that’s the case, they’ve certainly got one of the best 13MP cameras we’ve ever seen.

The OnePlus One is set to come out later this month, and offer a 5.5-inch 1080p screen as well as Snapdragon 801 clocked at 2.5GHz. Perhaps most impressive is the price, which is said to be below $400 at launch. We’ll be interested to see some real world samples from users when the device finally ships.

Source: MyDrivers (translated)

Via: Phone Arena

  • Nathan Bryant

    Soft skin feature is obviously being used in this for the selfie. Galaxy phones have this. I really dislike it. Leaked photos are never the best, but these look decent at best.

  • mathewmakio

    After seeing the specs we already know this smartphone won’t be popular for being state-of-the-art. It’s all about branding and appealing to the “cool” kids. If they wanted to be up there spec-wise, they should be releasing it right now because in four months time the Snapdragon 801 will be out of date.

    • mathewmakio

      Therefore, I’m not going to bother looking at your picture Mr creator of OnePlus One because I know you don’t intend on breaking any records or leading the way in anything.

      • Brian Utne

        Some people are just never satisfied these days… long do you think your beloved 805 will be “state of the art” for?
        You don’t even NEED a processor with that kind of power.

    • Marsg

      It’s being unveiled this month, the 805 won’t be out till the end of the year which means it does have up to par hardware with every other device released before the 4th quarter, it all comes down down to tote software.