OneNote for Android now available in more than 50 markets

September 17, 2013

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Just because you're on Android doesn't necessarily mean you get to miss out on the still ubiquitous Microsoft products, or at least some of them. One such software is OneNote, which Microsoft has just expanded to be available in over 50 countries covered by Google Play Store.

For those not familiar with it, OneNote is the powerful note-taking member of the Microsoft Office suite. Unlike the rest of the group, OneNote is available for free on Android, requiring only a free Microsoft account to use. The app had its last major update in July, which brought in an overhaul of the user interface, unified rich-text formatting across all supported platforms, collaborative editing and change history. Microsoft is also boasting of OneNote's ability to be used offline and sync without limits despite it's non-existent price tag.

Microsoft is now trying to expand its reach, encroaching on a territory steadfastly occupied by Evernote. On its blog, the company announced the availability of the Android version of its app in markets such as Armenia, Belarus, Cambodia, Fiji, Iceland, Malaysia, Netherlands, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, and dozens of other countries across the globe.

The latest version of OneNote for Android is available free of charge on Google Play Store. Based on the comments, it seems that the app is not available in other Android app markets such as Amazon's App Store.

Download: OneNote on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Microsoft

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  • The_Maverick

    Does OneNote on Android work with Samsungs S-Pen? I.e. would this be a good tool to take notes in class using the new Galaxy Note 10.1?

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