Omate TrueSmart smartwatch specs boosted, adds Sapphire Glass and 1GB memory

September 2, 2013

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The Omate TrueSmart smartwatch has had quite a run on Kickstarter, having launched on August 21 and shortly after (to the tune of about a day) reached its $100,000 funding goal. It has been about two weeks since launch now, and the smartwatch has received a specifications boost, including an optional 1GB memory increase over the initial 512MB offering and full Google Play access.

Given the nature of a watch, experiencing a scratched display is a reasonable concern, something Omate seeks to mitigate with the use of a sapphire crystal scratch-proof glass. The TrueSmart is the first smartwatch to offer such a feature, which is being hailed alongside a stainless steel alloy casing, IP67 water resistance, and a standard watch size.

Beyond that, as was confirmed not too long ago, the Omate TrueSmart will be the first of its kind to offer users complete access to the Google Play Store, something it says will help spur developers to create new apps targeted towards the smartwatch. Thus far, the company has in excess of 1000 pledges from developers who plan to make applications for the TrueSmart.

And finally, as we already mentioned, Omate has decided to add a 1GB memory option in addition to the standard 512MB offering, something it says it decided after requests from users for a higher option.

Said Omate's CEO Laurent Le Pen: "What we are creating with the Omate TrueSmart is first and foremost a watch, a watch you can wear and feel comfortable with, wearing it wherever you go and whatever you do - jogging, swimming, surfing,hiking, Omate is your Outdoor mate in these situations. Then using our telecom technology expertise to make it smart, very smart – TrueSmart. Through the TrueSmart we have been able to implement technology in the background and your life in the foreground to let the total experience enhance your connected life all in the size, look and feel of a watch."


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  • Captain_Doug

    I really don’t think smart watches can stand on their own yet. The screen is a bit to small to do anything else but tell time and display notifications. The battery is another shortcoming. At this point I’m pretty interested in seeing what the pebble 2 will bring.

    • Agreed. I see myself wearing the Rolex, or nothing at all. IDK. That’s just me.

      • Captain_Doug

        I guess I’m drawing a line in the middle on this one. I actually don’t like regular watches. I like the idea of smartwatches just only as accessories to my smartphone, not as a replacement. Basically, if the smartwatch is running android, it’s trying too hard.

      • Pedro Fernandez Ruiz

        This idea is great because it exists a lot of moments when you doesn´t need to take your phone out of your pocket or bag to see a message, email, news, etc and the Omate is the best way to do it! I pledged for this project because they need our support for their great work!

  • There’s a difference between smartwatches and watchphones. Smartwatches are glorified remotes where as the Omate is a stand alone device. For some of us, there is no upgrade to our current phones andhas been the case for a couple years now. So why not move to a wearable weather proof device that performs 90% of the functions of the latest OMGWTFBBQ phones. Be honest the latest phones are not much more than a minor upgrade to the previous release with little to no innovation.

  • Bil Tateo Jr

    I can not wait to have this watch on my wrist while sitting on beach w/Bluetooth buds,
    while MSG is making the rest of the day worth living:)