In case you haven’t noticed, Google is running a promotion giving out some of the most popular apps from the Android Market up for just $0.10¢ each to celebrate hitting 10 billion downloads from the Market. This has been a huge hit with Android fans but yesterday I realized if you have an older Android Market on your device, you could be missing out on all these deals.

Looking at the photo above the new market (right) front and center it shows the 10¢ apps and once you tap you see all 10 of today’s premium apps. If you’re running the old Android Market (left) like many from T-Mobile including my very own myTouch 4G Slide or other phones that for some reason still have yet to receive the latest Android Market you are missing out on all these deals. There are probably hundreds of thousands of users with old markets spread across all the Android devices.

My completely stock myTouch 4G Slide will NOT update to the new Android Market on its own and a quick Google search shows I’m not alone. If you happen to know what apps are being offered today for 10¢ you can find them, but you have no notification up top or any way of seeing them all in one neat place like the new Market. My friend kept asking what promotion I was talking about til I realized he wasn’t seeing them on his outdated Samsung Vibrant.

If you have the old Android Market the only way to see exactly what apps are on sale is the web market by clicking here. Don’t you worry though because we have you covered. Download the latest Android Market below and enjoy everything it has to offer (including Google Music) as well as these amazingly awesome 10 billion app deals.

Android Market v3.3.11 (new) — Download

Download that on your phone and install right over the old market and you’re good to go — Enjoy!

  • lockdown

    I didnt realize that I had the old market until I bought my girlfriend the lg esteem from metro pcs. I thought somthing was wrong with her phone until I did research and foung out that my htc 3d wasnt updated. I had to manualy update it. Google needs to tighten up.

    • It’s not for some as the carriers tweak them a little with their own icon (see T-mobile button in picture) but still. We should all have same on capable devices.

      Rudy check your version. The latest one linked to above should also work for Tab’s.. v3.3.11

  • Rudy Belova

    How do you get the updated market for the galaxy tab 10.1 from t-mobile? I have the kind on the right, but have no access to the google music store.

    • Anonymous

      This worked for my phone, not sure about tablets: Go to settings, then apps, then market. Then select clear data (and cache to be safe). Then open the market, it’ll prompt you to accept their terms again, and you should have it. All of you settings should remain though.

      Hope this helps

  • Tootsky Villanueva

    i still have the old android market because i think its not yet available in the philippines (android said that it will update automatically)

    anyway.. that discount thing is still in effect even if i have the old android market.. i see some paid apps that are incredibly low priced..

    • Anonymous

      It updates automatically here in the Phil. I’ve been uninstalling updates every day just to buy region-locked apps as it updates as long as you’re connected to the internet. Just a quick warning though, I’ve tried manually updating my SII’s Market through these apk’s and both times I did, I encountered a bootloop. 

      • Tootsky Villanueva

        what?! yours is updated? is it because i have a not so new device that i didnt update?

  • I thought the latest version was v3.3.12  (at least that’s what I’m running)