Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past month or so, you probably already know that Google has been having some issues keeping the Nexus 4 in stock. The phone, which ships with some solid specs and can be purchased unlocked for an excellent price, has proven to be pretty popular with the Android faithful, which means that many are facing long shipping times or sold out alerts. It turns out that isn’t the only thing Google is having stock issues with, as the official Nexus 4 bumper is now listed as sold out on the Google Play Store.

It isn’t hard to see why, either – even though the bumper offers less protection when compared to other cases, it still gets the job done. The bumper only costs $20, which is cheap when you consider just how much some other cases can cost. The inexpensive price tag and the fact that it’s made for the incredibly popular Nexus 4 seem to have made a deal too good for Nexus 4 owners to resist.

There’s no word on when these bumpers will become available again, so now it’s time to play the waiting game. The good news is that a rubber bumper isn’t nearly as complex as a smartphone, so it shouldn’t take very long for more to be made. Of course, even if these bumpers do become available again soon, there are still the stock issues with the Nexus 4 to worry about.

Indeed, the Google Play Store currently says that 8GB Nexus 4s are sold out in the US, while those who opt for the 16GB model instead have a 6-7 week wait ahead of them. That means if you order the 16GB Nexus 4 today, you might not get it until we’re closing in on February. That’s not a desirable situation in the least, so here’s hoping that Google and LG get their stock problems sorted out soon.

  • Bill Mitchell

    These have been sold out for like two weeks, at least :/ I’d know, because I really want to order one…

    • They’ve actually randomly been appearing.. They were in stock for a minute for me a few days ago. Really weird stuff.

  • troysyx

    How is this a new story? Its been sold out since launch day. I’ve been continually checking the play store daily to see if it comes back

  • Cal

    Lol these shaved been sold out since first launch. Way to keep us up to date on the most current and breaking news.

  • although it says the 16 gb version will be shipped in 6-7 weeks, I ordered mine on Dec 6, and today, Dec 7, I got an email saying it’s already shipped and giving me the usp tracking #. It’ll be delivered around Dec 10 or 11. I was kinda surprised and can’t wait to get my hand on this device. The only thing I need now is the case, but I don’t know when it’ll be available?

    • Noel

      Been looking for that bumper for weeks now…always sold out. I intend to have the clear plastic screen protector on both back and front glass plus the bumper. Or hopefully Otterbox will release a Commuter series case asap. I want to protect that baby just in case it slides off my hand or pocket…just like i did w/my N1 which still looks in gr8 shape despite how long i have had it.