Good news, DROID 2 Global Edition users, your long-awaited Gingerbread update is right around the corner. Verizon updated its support page today, announcing that the newest system update would bring Android 2.3 to the popular handset. The page doesn’t give an exact date, but Verizon usually doesn’t wait more than a week after an official update guide to begin rolling out the software.

The Motorola DROID 2 Global was originally set to get a taste of Gingerbread last month,  but some last-minute issues forced a retraction. According to Verizon’s documentation, the new software version will bring new features like improved power management, keyboard detection, a revised user interface, new encryption and VPN options and an improved calendar. Speaking of calendars, it’s only been 11 months since Gingerbread was available to manufacturers – and we’re expecting an official announcement for Android Ice Cream Sandwich any day now.

Other improvements highlighted by Verizon include better email syncing, more stability (i.e. fewer device crashes), improved Bluetooth power and volume management, better WiFi power management and new versions of Google Books, Accuweather, the Amazon MP3 store, Blockbuster (woo), and Flash. The software update isn’t available just yet, but keep checking the OTA update in the settings menu – you never know when the staggered rollout will begin. If you’re the warranty-voiding adventurous type, don’t forget that leaks of the update have been available for some time.

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  • Aowatson1991

    I just got my update sometime this morning!

  • Delgadillo7298

    What happened to the camera!?! The phone used to take pretty decent picture and now i may as well have a $10 prepaid phone.

  • Mike Tarsia

    The update is great with my phone. Overall the performance is more stable/faster and holds batter life better

  • Reasonable Guy

    Your specs are for the Droid 2, not the 2 Global (so you are missing some radio info at the very least).

  • Acsurfer2004

    Now the back light of my keyboard won’t light up unless I take my phone from light to dark. Pls fix this.