I just mentioned the new smartphone that has launched from HTC called the HTC Rhyme. The smartphone is aimed at women wanting a cute smartphone more than the hardcore Android user looking for power. The Rhyme does come with some nice accessories though. If the Rhyme tickled your fancy and you are in the UK, O2 has announced that it will be getting the smartphone starting on October 17. That launch date isn’t too far away.

O2 will be the exclusive UK carrier for the smartphone packing HTC Sense and Gingerbread. We already ran down the features of the Rhyme today, but if you missed that other post, I will run them down here again. The O2 version will be purple and have the same accessories as the Verizon US version. The accessories include the light-up charm that shows at a glance if there are messages or calls.

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Hands-on with HTC Rhyme

The phone also comes with a dock, workout armband for holding the phone, headphones, and a Bluetooth headset. Surprisingly, the armband isn’t purple nor is the dock as you might think all the accessories would be. The phone also has Bluetooth, a 3.7-inch WVGA screen, a 5MP rear camera with flash and a VGA front camera. The phone is expected to be free on a contract.

[via SlashGear]

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  • Bob

    It should of got the Rhyme on the 17th October, however it is now the 22nd of October and the HTC Rhyme still isnt out!…