O2 Dell Streak Froyo update releasing today

December 15, 2010

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  • luke

    The update is great. A lot of minor issues have been sorted and some nice new features. But if anyone from Dell reads this, PLEASE SORT OUT THE KEYBOARD! The ‘swipe’ keyboard input is very annoying, it’s so much easier texting with both hands holding in portrait mode – not dragging one finger around the screen. You can still press each character individually but they’ve taken away the word suggestion bar and automatic insert of the next word which helped make texting on the streak an enjoyable process, but not anymore. It doesn’t even let you change the input method from swipe to normal keyboard, unless I’ve completely overlooked that option??

  • Lee

    Well it’s now 4th Jan 2011 and I’ve still not received the update! Add to that that O2 have since stopped my unlimited data plan, which was one of the reasons I opted for the Streak, and I’m starting to wish I’d kept my old iPhone! Not happy at all!!! :-(((