We were expecting NVIDIA to be fast with the updates and looks like we won’t be disappointed. We’re now hearing of reports that the EVGA version of NVIDIA’s stylus-enabled Tegra Note 7 is now receiving an update that pushes Android 4.4.2 to the tablet.

It was actually only less than two month ago that NVIDIA released Android 4.3 for the tablet. NVIDIA announced the tablet itself in September, bearing Android 4.2.2. NVIDIA has been a rather good Android community member, as evidenced by how it has handled the NVIDIA Shield. Not only does it leave Android unsullied by custom interfaces, it also often pushes out updates quite frequently and quickly. Although it’s about a month or so later than some other manufacturers, it’s good to see NVIDIA sticking to its gameplan.

For those who might have forgotten, NVIDIA’s Tegra Note is a rather interesting device platform. As the name implies, it takes a bite out of Samsung’s stylus line but employs its own gimmicks without the help of Wacom, whose technology drives the S Pen’s functionality. NVIDIA has, instead, developed its own “Active Stylus” technology, which is practically a blend of a regular soft-tipped capacitive stylus and a pressure sensitive one like the S Pen. You can read up more about this rather curious tablet in our in-depth review here.

NVIDIA doesn’t actually sell the Tegra Note 7, unlike the NVIDIA Shield, and provides it simply as a platform for other manufacturers, like EVGA and Advent Vega to market. NVIDIA is rumored to be preparing a new version of the Tegra Note, this time running on its newer Tegra K1 processor. There is still no official confirmation of that device, but hopefully we’ll hear something come MWC 2014 next week.

VIA: Android Police

  • Kyle Cordiano

    Got my update. Best 7 inch tablet.

  • Nahid Abdullah

    So did I got the update yesterday android 4.4.2 it added a controller mapping feature

  • trista niap

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  • Adrian Commins

    Got the update on my Agent Vega here in Ireland.
    The gamepad mapper that Nahid mentioned also adds quick access to toggle virtual mouse on/off in drop-down settings menu.

  • Glynn Humphreys

    I too got update, but apart from the battery % remaining indicator been removed, i can’t see any differences, is there any?

  • Charlotte

    I got the upgrade and I hate it 😛 The tablet now is slower, freezes often and Adobe reader don’t display documents properly…gues I’ll need to do a factory reset