Along with the Tegra 4i powered Wiko WAX smartphone, NVIDIA was also showing the Tegra Note 7 LTE here at Mobile World Congress. The LTE equipped version of the Tegra Note 7 was announced earlier in the week. While the tablet now has LTE, it is largely the same in terms of overall style.

That is to say a black casing, with landscape orientation. The orientation bit plays to the speakers, which sit on opposite sides of the display. In this case, the display remains at 7-inches. The back of the tablet also sports a bit of a different look, but it retains the Tegra Note branding running through the middle.


There is also another, much smaller physical difference, though given the addition of LTE support — an important difference. The Tegra Note 7 LTE has a SIM card slot. As you’ll see from the image here in the post, the SIM card sits behind a flip out trap door cover. Those looking for a bit more in terms of the Tegra Note 7 should check our earlier published review.


To clarify, that review was for the EVGA model which we reviewed back in December. Also important to keep in mind when referring to the Tegra Note 7 — these tablets are reference by NVIDIA, but will have different branding based on market. The EVGA model is the one that arrived for those in the US.

Otherwise, some of the key features here play to the NVIDIA side, which comes in part to the Tegra 4 processor. There is also the gaming side, which comes from the pre-loaded TegraZone access for Tegra optimized games. The Tegra Note 7 also pairs nicely with Bluetooth controllers. The other unique addition here was the stylus. Or more specifically the DirectStylus which is capacitive and further paired with a few custom apps.

  • phor11

    Like the new design a lot.
    I thought the original was a bit busy with the different shapes and textures on the back.

    So I guess the question now is:
    1) Tegra Note – Front Facing Speakers + DirectStylus + MicroSD
    2) Nexus 7 – Higher Res Screen + much Faster OS updates + slightly smaller footprint

    • GTP

      For me, it was Tegra Note 7 hands down.

      A 64GB MicroSD (putting the Tegra Note at 80GB) means MUCH more space for only $30 over the tablet’s original price (for a total of $230 – the same price as a 16GB Nexus 7).

      The front-facing speakers are nice and the difference is very noticeable. Same goes for the stylus.

      The lower-resolution screen is still great. Since scaling the resolution means more power draw, I feel it’s perfect for a 7″ tablet. The complaint is more of a pissing contest than an actual question of function or appeal.

      A slightly smaller footprint would be nice, but it still fits in my inside jacket pocket, even in my suit. So I’m happy.

      As for the OS updates, I’m not sure when the Nexus got 4.4.2, but my Tegra note got it around a week ago. No word on when my Galaxy S4 from AT&T will have it, so to me that’s fast.

      That’s my two cents and why I went with the Tegra Note 7. That, and the Tegra 4.

    • deppman

      One strong feature in the Note 7’s favor is that the SD card can be used to store applications. I have more applications on my SD card than in the stock 16GB storage thanks to the ‘move to SD card’ option that nVidia provides. This option was made available in the 4.3 update and continues into the 4.4 update.

      Not all builds of android provide this option – certainly not Nexus devices, since they lack SD cards in the first place. My Asus TF701T (4.3) also does not have this capability even though it too supports 64GB MicroSD. As such, the storage is much more useful on the Note.

  • deppman

    With the redesign, I hope they took some time to get some of the design-for-manufacture issues and interface issues worked out.

    I have Note 7, and it is fantastic – especially after the 4.4.2 update. But is not my original tablet – first one had to be RMA’d. When I look at NewEgg’s reviews, they fall roughly into three categories:

    1) Best frickn’ tablet in the world for the cost. Wow.
    2) Damn thing didn’t work. Returned it and bought something else.
    3) Damn thing didn’t work, RMA’s it. Replacement is the best frickn’ tablet in the world for the cost. Wow.

    The update looks to have a bit more robust connectors. Hopefully the USB port flaw has been fixed. If so, it is even more the best frickn’ tablet in the world for the cost 🙂