NVIDIA Project SHIELD revealed for Android gaming dominance

January 7, 2013

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While NVIDIA GRID was big and the Tegra 4 was even bigger, NVIDIA has just surprised us all with the announcement of NVIDIA Shield. What is NVIDIA Shield you ask? It's a new Android console from the company, and it will be one of the first devices to showcase the power of the all new Tegra 4.

That by itself is pretty exciting, but there's plenty more to get excited about. The image above may not look like anything special - truthfully the Shield looks an awful lot like a MOGA controller with a smartphone attached - but there's more than enough here to get the mobile gaming enthusiast salivating. For starters, you know how you're always craving a vanilla Android experience? You'll find exactly that in the NVIDIA Shield.


You're also getting a console-grade controller, complete with face buttons, bumpers, analog sticks, and a d-pad. The face buttons in the middle of the console feature familiar Android system buttons, including back and home. The Shield is also outfitted with a dedicated Jawbone and speakers right on the controller. Finally, we've got a 5-inch, 1080p display attached to the controller (along with mini HDMI, USB, microSD, and a headphone jack), so you know gaming is going to be pretty awesome on it.

Not only does this run on Android, but it's also connected to the cloud, making it a prime candidate for NVIDIA GRID, the new streaming service we just told you about. It's certainly been an exciting night for NVIDIA fans, and you can bet we'll be putting the NVIDIA Shield through its paces just as soon as we can. Keep it tuned here to Android Community for much more from CES 2013!

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  • I would definitely take this over the Ouya, the shield is portable and easily connects to any hdmi port. However ,price would be the determining agent for me.

  • I don’t see why you’d have to take one over the other – the Ouya is aimed at the stationary console market. If the Shield is a primarily portable market entry, that should be fine. What would be awesome would be if they worked together to make them easily compatible.

    • If they’re both Android platform devices they will be compatible by default. the “competition” refers to the battle over the consumer’s dollar, not the interconnectivity or compatibility of the devices

      • Sorry, I should have clarified. By “worked together to make them easily compatible” I actually was thinking more along the line of “actively worked to develop enhanced features when using the devices together.”

  • J Mclean

    Hmm the pad looks a bit big for holding comfortably, but still in development (and since ive never held one) Never know. Still looks good, it will hopefulyl bring some of the bigger apple game developers over to android faster.

  • BlazeFaia

    Fix the analog stick placement on the left and THEN we’ll talk.

  • Isaiah Gilliland

    This looks ridiculous It looks like something designed by thirteen year olds at a sleepover. The idea is cool, but there’s no way you’ll catch me playing that on the bus with that design. At least the Ouya has sleek subtle style.

  • TheSilentMage

    Comparing apples to oranges. If you want a mobile (probably 3x price) device go for the shield, if you want a Stationary with a Huge screen device go for ouya. (yes shield can be plugged into a tv, but man that hdmi cable would have to be long, and it would be a major pain)