Notion Ink has added a new chapter to their two year old odyssey of building their Adam Android tablet from scratch. Notion has confirmed an update providing Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a new browser, and even a new eBook reader client. As you well know, Notion has been blogging the process step by step, giving users an inside peek on how tablets are created. For awhile, we thought they’d disappeared. Then last month, they announced updates to their tablet were forth coming. But since Adam was launched, Notion has run into customer service and shipping issues which has caused many who were eagerly awaiting release to seek other options. So the question is … does anyone really care?

Notion says that updating to Gingerbread moves them towards the goal of acclimating the Kernel and all apps closer to a merge to Honeycomb, which will require converting to eMMC OS. In addition to Gingerbread and the new eBook reader, usability issues resolved, a new multi-tasking environment added, and even simple video and music players.

CEO Rohan Shravan said that the delays before had been due to licensing issues pertaining to the book reader. Issues that appear to have been cleared up. The update is again promised here, but remains to be seen in the fleshy text. Shravan also goes on to say that the process has been a journey requiring “determination,” “the ability to learn fast,” “understand” their critics, and “keep moving forward.”

But could it be it too little to late?

[via NotionInk]

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  • “The update came out as promised”

    When? Where? It’s announced but as far as I’m aware it’s not life yet.

  • Anonymous

    The few poor souls still on stock adam care. For the rest of the adam owners who took the necessary step of going to custom roms it only means NI is still breathing.

  • Nope nobody cares. I followed them since day 1, got in the EAP, got one of the first tablets off the line. WHAT A CLUSTER F*CK! The hardware was decent, but Eden UI was a disaster. It was completely useless. I knew there was no way they were going to have everything ironed out before that tablet got sold to the public. What a disaster. I’m never following a start up again.

    At least I sold it to another sucker locally for $600. He was even pissed. So much so he called me and asked for a refund. My reply: ALL SALES FINAOW, YOU BUY OH GET OUT OF STO NOW

    • mookiemu

      Yeap! I was one of those who followed from day 1 as well. I had hi hopes, mostly because of the pixel qi screen. I have to admit, it was great using it while chillin’ on my roof deck. But that was it! They totally blew it with the crappy Eden Ui, and then one crappy broken update after another. It’s a shame because this had potential. The design was good and thankfully different than all the ipad clones. But they would have done better to have either used a stock vanilla android or if they had gone with ubuntu or debian.

  •  Nope! Nobody cares!