Notion Ink Adam update delivers bug-sweep; Users delighted [Video]

February 7, 2011

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Notion Ink has released a new firmware update for its Adam tablet, addressing multiple launch issues with the Tegra 2 slate and generally smoothing out the overall user-experience. According to Notion Ink Fan, the Eden UI panels are now more stable, browser tabs are more reliable, and the video player is less jumpy when you toggle play/pause.

Meanwhile, Adam owner Shane Trafford - who you might recall was among the first wave of recipients - has sent in his own video demo of the Notion Ink slate doing its thing (which you can see below).

[youtube FbAtgrO01S4]

[via Lilliputing]

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  • This is looking better after Moto’s Xoom’s pricing. Hope they raise price by $50-$100 and improve upon the screen a bit in ADAM 2.

  • Yatin

    Great stuff. Cheers. :]

  • Yatin

    Great stuff. Cheers. :]

  • I got my Adam tablet today! Review soon!